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Nebojsa Malic, author of the “Moments of Transition” column on, discusses the Council of Europe report on Kosovo’s “mafia-like” government that traffics in drugs, weapons and human organs; the KLA‘s speedy (and undeserved) 1998 transition from a US-designated terrorist group to a band of “freedom fighters;” the multitude of lies before, during and after the Kosovo War; how Richard Holbrooke helped negotiate the laudable Dayton Agreement bringing peace to Bosnia-Herzegovina then worked steadfastly to undermine it; and how the US effort to reinvigorate NATO – which became an anachronism after the Soviet collapse – can partly explain the seemingly strange US interest in Kosovo.

MP3 here. (22:07)

Nebojsa Malic writes the “Moments of Transition” (formerly Balkan Express) column for and blogs at the Gray Falcon.

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  1. There is a much bigger issue here than the KLA. Who brokered the transactions, who received the organs, who harvested and who transplanted these kidneys, where? – what about hearts?, livers?. Who are the international physicians? and nurses? hospital administrators? does this involve university transplant teams?

    Who are the wealthy, well-connected people in the corporate boardrooms, congresses, parliaments, elite spheres who have bought themselves a 'new lease on life' through this nauseating business. Picture dozens, scores of healthy young soldiers or Serb civilians – designated as being on the wrong side of an imperial conflict – kidnapped, captured, turned over to be caged, fed and repeatedly tested, and advertised in an underground business, until it is time to kill them in an operating room surrounded by 'experts' in order to harvest and then transplant their organs? This is the ultimate fruit of 'humanitarian intervention'.

      1. Assuming, for a moment, that the Chinese government is currently engaged in this grotesque business – would you want your loved one to receive a liver transplant from a Chinese gangster or addict on death row? We are talking about the business side of Clinton and NATO's 'humanitarian intervention'. Since when is a healthy young civilian captive from a civil war or young POWs on the losing side considered the equivalent of prisoners on death row? Besides, organs from death row prisoners are not likely to be the on the top of the shopping list for wealthy recipients – surely these international elites would prefer a healthy young soldier or civilian. Its the market.

        1. Who said anything about death row ? Since people have two kidneys , one can be removed from the 'donor' ( no consent required) without killing the 'donor' . Organ rejection by the recipient is the main concern. Quality controls are in place .

          1. Compatibility is only one issue – young healthy donors without chronic viral diseases are preferred – which is why criminals in prison are not prime donor material. This whole slimy business has redefined the 'value' of a human body – divorced from the precious individual who really owns that body. Not a single international physician group has condemned this business – not even the 'Nobel Prize Winning' Physicians for Human Rights and Doctors without Borders (who both backed NATOs takeover of Kosovo). So much for humanitarian imperialism.

          2. Don't you think the Chinese can find plenty of political prisoners that are young and healthy , without chronic viral diseases ? There are a broad range of quality controls in place. This whole perverted business lacks one vital ethical restraint : the informed consent of the donor .

  2. A decent interview. It is very hard to say much about the Balkans that is meaningful in just twenty minutes. Especially to an audience that is not very familiar with it (and really which audience is?). Nothing about it is very complicated, just the contrary, most of it is fairly predictable. But it is all very complex and takes a lot of context to understand properly. Malic does as good as it can be expected under the time constraints.

  3. Another think to come out of the Kosovo war was the targeting of news media outlets.

    Not only was a local TV station in Belgrade bombed, but lets not forget bombing of the Chinese Embassy that killed 3 journalists that was blamed on "Old maps."

  4. Richard Holbrooke had a reverse midas touch. And he was a bankster from Wall Street/AIG) before he was a gangster for the KLA.

  5. Facts on the ground? When the dollar and the Empire collapse and the US pulls out of Camp Bondsteel, my Slavic brethren in Serbia will be creating some new facts on the ground, and putting lots of jihadists in the ground. It's really going to be something.

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