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Frank Dorrel, publisher and distributor of the antiwar comic book Addicted to War, discusses how he turned to antiwar activism after serving in the US Air Force during Vietnam; his film “What I’ve Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy: The War Against The Third World;” how activist education helps Americans wake up to the destructive nature of their government; and why many Americans self-identify through a “civic religion” of indoctrinated nationalism.

MP3 here. (19:23)

Frank Dorrel publishes & distributes Addicted to War, Why The U.S. Can’t Kick Militarism by Joel Andreas. This anti-war comic book is a history of U.S. militarism and has become one of the most popular books in the Peace Movement. It is being used in hundreds of high schools and colleges all over the country.

He put together the 2-hour film titled “What I’ve Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy: The War Against The Third World,” which has been seen by as many as 2 million people since 2000.

Dorrel is a US Air Force veteran and member of Veterans For Peace, both local and national chapters. He helped to start the Arlington West Memorial in Santa Monica, a project of the Los Angeles Chapter of Veterans For Peace. The Arlington West Memorial has been erected next to the Santa Monica Pier each and every Sunday since February 2004.

Frank’s daily ATW-NEWS Email List lets fellow activists know where and when local anti-war events are happening. If you would like to get on this list, please send an email to Frank at: or

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  1. Trident chief missile engineer Bob Aldridge because the Pentagon aims to achieve a disarming first strike capability and wrote First Strike! The Pentagon´s Strategy For Nuclear War and Nuclear Empire (ch. 9 on anti-submarine warfare). Bob Aldridge wrote on the missiles to be deployed on ships in the Black Sea in Bulgaria and on land in Romania and Poland by 2015: "Whether they are on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike". Minuteman-3 and Trident-2 D5 with an accuracy of 30 meters or less are designed to minimize nuclear winter effects when used against hard targets like missile silos.

  2. "Addicted to War" is a great example of effective anti-war literature.

    Whenever I visit a doctor's office or hospital or get my car serviced, I leave a copy in the waiting room.

  3. "Addicted to War: Why the U.S. Can't Kick Militarism," is an illustrated expose written by Joel Andreas is one of the most easily accessible history books written in such a manner that is packed with wit and humor, with actual quotes from the architects of US foreign policy to those who implement them. Well researched and documented, all material used is/was publicly available at any public library. All one would have had to do is spend some time digging up what has already made light but marginalized as inconsequential for the mainstream media to expose.

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