Fred Branfman


Fred Branfman, writer for, discusses how the WikiLeaks documents reveal, more than anything else, the “vast lying machine” of our government and military; why the Cablegate disclosures alone are enough to justify a new Nuremberg-style war crimes tribunal; how US military escalations in Afghanistan and Pakistan are counterproductive when considering (Ret.) Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s “insurgent math;” and why the US government – not WikiLeaks – is a danger to national security and needs to be reigned in before another 9/11 attack makes the US a police state.

MP3 here. (28:52)

Fred Branfman is a writer and longtime activist who directed the Indochina Resource Center during the war in Indochina. He edited “Voices From the Plain of Jars: Life Under an Air War” (Harper & Row, 1972), that exposed the U.S. secret air war in Laos. Visit his Web site.

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  1. During the invasion of Panama City in 1989 the US killed about 6,000 unarmed civilians. By the way, Niels Harrit,UNI of Copenhagen together with 8 more scientists, has found nano-thermite in the rubbles of WTC. Who has access to nano-thermite ? Hardly Bin Laden.

  2. Tearing Pakistan apart? Pakistan was never together. I thought the cables were clear, Iran was always the real war aim.

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