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Danny Schechter, executive editor of MediaChannel.org, discusses his new article that revisits journalist Helen Thomas’s career-ending Israel gaffe; how selective quotation from the “gotcha” clip turned Thomas’s poorly phrased response into “proof” of her anti-Semitism; the media hit pieces, gloating about Thomas’s exile, that make clear there is little tolerance in Washington for Israel-critics; and Schechter’s firsthand account – while working for ABC News in 1982 – of an Israeli campaign to stop the airing of an investigative news story about the West Bank.

MP3 here. (20:03)

Danny Schechter is a journalist, author, television producer and an independent filmmaker who also writes and speaks about economic and media issues. His blog is here.

He is the executive editor of MediaChannel.org, the world’s largest online media issues online network, and recipient of many awards including the Society of Professional Journalists’ 2001 Award for Excellence in Documentary Journalism.

His latest films are “Barack Obama, People’s President [2009], an examination of how Obama won and “IN DEBT WE TRUST: America Before The Bubble Bursts,” [2007] an investigation of the impact of credit and debt on American society.

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  1. Danny Schechter is goddam wonderful….And THANK YOU DANNY SCHECHTER for doing what you can, and what you are doing, for Helen Thomas.

  2. Helen Thomas is no "anti-Semite." She is, however, a critic of Israel, and of the U.S. Government's ass-sucking subservience to our "51st state." Of course our Fawning Corporate Media gloated over her "fall"–they won't dare criticize the fair-haired darlings in Tel Aviv.

    Danny Schechter knows what he's talking about: He worked for ABC News years ago, and saw how Israel tried to put the kibosh on a story crititcal of Israel.

  3. She may well be no anti-semite, but her talk about them all "going back," showed she was a little loony, and needed to spend more time with the grandkids are not make anymore political speeches.

    1. And where does our national hero Netanyahu want to do with the palistinians in the west bank and Gaza? give them citizenship in Israel so they are a majority? Is he Loony Russ? Then so are we.

  4. This was very interesting to me as it cleared up some suspicions I have had for some time now and that is the fact that whenever there is an article that exposes Israel's cruelties and injustices invariably in the Comments section on Yahoo, for instance, someone will start ranting and raving about Jews being a bunch of criminals and a scourge upon mankind etc. At first these kinds of comments prevented me from writing my own because I would hate to be put in the same caategory as these fanatics. But then when I began to suspect that maybe these extremist comments are not put up by anti-Semites at all but by people who want to spread the impression that anti-Semitism is rampant and anybody who says anything against Israel must be in the same boat, in other words Zionists themselves doing this to scare away people from taking a good look.

  5. A former employee of AIPAC was subject to the vicious organized attack like Helen Thomas. He elected to release information that he got from AIPAC. AIPAC ran to court to try to prevent this information from being released. At the exact same time AIPAC has a pubic campaign to release J. Pollard for releasing USA information. When it comes to the middle east you can be sure that they are all crazy. HOw could the very smart people chosen by God Almighty just do something stupid as starting a war to get the only land in the middle east without any natural resources especially oil? I can see why God Almighty has not stopped in for Tea in the last 6,000 years. God the Almighty must be shaking his head wonder were did all the smarts one go? If you say anything about Israel you will be called anti semitic and that is amazing in the case of Helan Thomas who unlike most of the people of Israel is actually a semitic.

    1. Ironically, most if not all, Israelis are NOT semitic, but Khazarian, according Professor Shlomo Sand's best-seller, The Invention of the Jewish People. They originated in the Kingdom of Khazaria, in southeastern Russia in the 9th century C.E. as a result of very active proseletization, not Diaspora. Sephardic Jews also appear to have been Berber converts in the western proseletization of Judaism, rather than semitic. Most ironically, Sand implies, the genetic descendants of the Jews of the Old and the New Testaments are the Palestinians, i.e. Jews who remained in Palestine after the destruction of the Second Temple, 70 C.E. and peacefully converted to Islam in the 7th century and began to speak Arabic.

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