Frida Berrigan


Frida Berrigan, journalist and activist blogger at Witness Against Torture, discusses the Day of Action Against Torture protest starting on Tuesday, Jan. 11, at the White House and Justice Department in Washington; and why Congress, Obama, and the DOJ will continue the perversion of justice at Guantanamo until sufficient political pressure is brought to bear.

MP3 here. (9:36)

Frida Berrigan serves on the Board of the War Resisters League and is a columnist for Foreign Policy In Focus. She was Senior Program Associate of the Arms and Security Initiative at the New America Foundation. She served for eight years as Deputy Director and Senior Research Associate at the Arms Trade Resource Center at the World Policy Institute at the New School in New York City. She has also worked as a researcher at The Nation magazine.

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  1. Who ordered and commited the rape of boys in Iraq forcing their mothers to watch to make the fathers speak out while female soldiers videofilmed the act, according to Semour Hersh ? They must be executed.

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