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Jason Ditz, managing news editor at Antiwar.com, discusses how Joe Biden was caught talking out both sides of his mouth on the 2014 Afghanistan withdrawal date; how Gen Petraeus is now claiming progress in small and lesser-known Afghan cities after poor performances in Kandahar and Marjah; polls that show a record percentage of Americans dislike the Afghan War (not that it matters); and why Benjamin Netanyahu is displeased at the (relative) infrequency of US military threats against Iran.

MP3 here. (19:38)

Jason Ditz is the managing news editor at Antiwar.com.

4 thoughts on “Jason Ditz”

  1. Good man, Ditz.

    General Westmoreland–er, uh, General Petraeus, our commander in Vietnam–er, sorry, Afghanistan–is a four-star neocon hack. President Thieu–er, President Karzai–is a corrupt, ineffectual tool of the Americans.

    Of course Joe ("It's good to be home again") Biden speaks with a forked tongue–he's a career political hack, a lifelong denizen of the District of Corruption. Life in that iniquitous shithole degrades a man's character, now, doesn't it?

    Israel's NuttyYahoo is up to his usual shit, demanding that the U.S. Government pump up the volume of threats against Iran. Well, given that he controls our "Middle East" policy, O-Bomb-a and Hillary Clinton should take note, I suppose. . . .

  2. NO invader of Afghanistan has ever truly 'won' a war in that country which is known throughout History as 'the graveyard of soldiers and of empires' – why would we stupidly expect anything better from our invasion?

  3. 9 scientists, one of them Niels Harrit, UNI of Copenhagen, found nano-thermit in the rubble from WTC. He said on Danish TV 2 news that nano-thermite and not the planes brought down the three (!) towers. Science is science. Or what ? Who have access to nano-thermite ? Hardly OBL. And the Israeli "art students" celebrating the event on a hill outside N.Y. as it happened ?

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