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Jack Hunter, talk radio host and newspaper columnist, discusses the cycle of hypocrisy, Left and Right, that turns skeptics to statists whenever their party occupies the White House; why conservatives like Grover Norquist, despite his hypocrisy, should be applauded for questioning the Afghan War; so-called political “moderates” who are in fact the most fervent warmongering radicals; and why foreign policy isn’t at all a fringe issue, but the definitive political litmus test that excludes people like Ron Paul from his own party’s convention and makes soul-mates of warmongers of both parties.

MP3 here. (18:03)

Jack Hunter, a.k.a. the “Southern Avenger“, is a conservative commentator (WTMA 1250 AM talk radio) and columnist (Charleston City Paper) living in Charleston, South Carolina. Check out his YouTube channel.

5 thoughts on “Jack Hunter”

  1. When faced with pro-war tea party types, I always ask them why they are supporting a program of bringing Detroit-like results to the Middle East. I point out that these programs are "progressive" at their core and from which we can expect the usual horrible results. At least, it usually shuts up the war-monger types if it doesn't give them food for thought.

  2. I live in Charleston and have tried listening to this guy but can't take his whining for more than a few minutes. He has some good points from time to time but it all gets jumbled in with his strange ideological bent.

    Jack Hunter is a whack job on the order of Rand Paul.

    I wish Scott would go back to the longer in depth interviews. Now when the conversation really gets interesting it is over. Guess you have to do what the boss says.

    1. I would disagree with the opinion that Jack Hunter and Rand Paul are "whack jobs" as well as the notion that the former "whines." Typically this accusation is little more than a personal attack against an individual with whom the attacker disagrees.

      However, we would be in agreement regarding the old format of the show. The present interviews hold so little content that I've begun to lose interest given the limited time they allow for them.

  3. I also enjoy the longer, in-depth interviews better. But maybe interviews requiring a long-attention span aren't so popular in the wider audience. Nonetheless, keep up the great work Scott!

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