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Jason Ditz, managing news editor at Antiwar.com, discusses Ehud Barak’s decision to abandon the sinking ship that is Israel’s Labor party; the departure of IDF chief Gabi Ashkenazi, one of the few Israeli government officials to oppose an Iran offensive; why the West may be completely wrong about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; and the prosecution of former CIA officer Jeffrey Alexander Sterling for telling James Risen that the CIA gave Iran nuclear blueprints.

MP3 here. (19:55)

Jason Ditz is the managing news editor at Antiwar.com.

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  1. Why is the Pentagon pursuing a Disarming First Strike Capability ? Is it only the money or is there a darker motive ? The missiles on ships in the Black Sea and in Romania and Poland are to take out the Russian second-strike force after, or at the same time, a First Strike. Former CND Information Officer David Guinness suggests it´s only for blackmail. But who knows ? What can the Russians do ? Launch On Warning, maybe even Automatic Launch On Warning because of the bloody fools in the Pentagon.

  2. Jason Ditz and Scott Horton are truly two relentless tireless anti-war "soldiers." Jason does right whatever the mainstream media does wrong. Not only he delivers the accurate news, but brings them with all the necessary background informations. Scott does the same in his radio programs. We read and listen and can never be thankful enough.

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