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John V. Walsh, frequent contributor to, discusses the Left’s outrage about Sarah Palin’s virtual cross hairs (in the wake of the Tucson shootings) and near-silence about the real cross hairs of helicopter gunships and Predator drones killing civilians overseas; the American reverence of government officials, especially in death, and the popular belief in the righteousness of state-sanctioned murder; the spectacle of Obama being cheered like a rock star while delivering his eulogy in Tucson; and the collection of antiwar writing from across the political spectrum in the book ComeHomeAmerica.

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John V. Walsh is a scientist who lives in Cambridge, Mass. He is a frequent contributor to and

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  1. The political class is quaking in its boots. Everyday we read that our governors are evil opportunists. That multi national corps and bankers control the levers and buttons to enrich themselves at the expense of everybody else.

    A huge minority believe 9/11 was just another sting – that the FBI and Homeland Security routinely snare otherwise innocents with their clumsy infiltrations.

    Then some marginal player pops a couple of them… and OMG! What's happened to America?!?

    The congresswoman and judge are but collateral damage [God I love that term] in a gathering storm.

    I know I began rooting for the bank robbers years ago. But I have something left to lose – so I'll be sitting on the sidelines while those with NOTHING to lose – the marginal players – are stirred to pop a few Hedge Fund managers or other Wall St types on the way to their gated McMansion.

    I suspect this will soon become a spectator sport… because
    The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

    Thank you Frederick Douglass 1857.

    Let the games begin!!

    1. I don't think they are quaking in their boots. They are laughing at you for thinking that.

      The dumbest people on the Planet Earth are easily manipulated. They voted for Obama didn't they?

      And what did they get?

      All you have to do to manipulate Americans is to flood TV with propaganda for this or that issue or this and that candidate…and they go along.

      Right off the cliff

  2. 9 scientists, one of them Niels Harrit from Uni of Copenhagen, proved that nano-thermite and not the planes brought down the three towers. Science is science. Or what ? And the Israeli "art students" celebrating on a hill outside N.Y. as it happened ?

    1. There is only one problem. They also need to prove that WTC wouldn't have collapsed by the impact of fuel-laden planes. I can easily prove that beavers with sharp teeth nibbled away at the structure in the inspection shafts over the year so that WTC collapsed just when some dudes managed to ram monster machines into them. But that's not science, that's being confused. You wouldn't believe how far away from real-world cause-and-effect reasoning scientists can be. Still, it brings in the money, right.

  3. marginal player? shaved head and dopey ears? i say the astronaut husband looks alot like that, and may be part of the real conspiracy theory. did he have a resume at area 51?

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