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Kathleen Christison, former CIA political analyst and author of Palestine in Pieces, discusses Al Jazeera’s coverage and analysis of the Palestine Papers; Israel’s “no thanks” response to the nearly unconditional surrender by PA negotiators; the end of a 2-state solution, with a fractured and helpless Palestine as the centerpiece; the shift of Israeli politics from Left to far Right in less than a generation; and the helpful US State Department advice to Israel after the Gaza “Operation Cast Lead” invasion: make better propaganda.

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Kathleen Christison is a former CIA political analyst and the author of several books on the Palestinian situation, including Palestine in Pieces, co-authored with her late husband Bill Christison. She is a regular writer for Counterpunch.

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  1. I read yesterday that the USA has one last veteran of WWI. He is 110 years old. Why do I mention this? He was a man who was on the battlefields during the great war. During this time the zionist had planned on entering the arab lands and get away from the horrors that they had. They arrived not to be good citizens of the Ottoman empire but to plant the seed for a homeland for the Jewish people of Europe. The British promised the Arabs if they were to help the british against the Turks they would be giving a homeland. The Jews of Europe had political influence in the british government so as soon as the british were not being shot by the turks they pulled the great betrayal. The british promised when they took the mandate that they would set up a homeland for the Jews along with a home for the Arabs. As the last veteran of the great war has his 100 year birthday the british and the powerful zionist have failed to produce the promised homeland. THe standard cry is God gave them the land but I do not see the rich jews of south africa giving their land back to the black. I also learned that the jews of northern africa was not allowed to enter Israel after 1948 because Ben-gurion only wanted the European Jews in his homeland.
    It is a shame to allow this situation to continue. The fact that our elected officials are so much agents for this insanity pretty much makes a case that representative government really does not work for all. It is too subject to a few wealthy taking over all power by bribing and getting only friendly people elected. Our founding fathers warned us to stay out of foreign affairs and they were almost all against a central bank. They have again and again proved to be genius.

  2. "Appalling" is the only way to describe the Palestinian Authority's craven surrender to the Israelis. The PA was willing to hand over the store to the latter–who rejected it as not being good enough (!). Israel is a cruel, rapacious state. Former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi ("There's no humanitarian crisis in Gaza") Livni is a swine.

    The U.S. Government covers for anything Israel does, including the "Operation Cast Lead" atrocities in Gaza.

  3. USSIsrael stole kuwait VIPribe GlobalMasajid in 1902 and now south Sudan slaveFarming CEO'z for InteltheftMachines Free for all…..UE Khelfaha hanifan anyONE

  4. Zionism's intent as reflected in Ben Gurion's diary and the notes from meetings of Israel's founders has always been to establish "facts on the ground" and possess all of Palestine/Greater Israel. Part of Christian dogma requires the Israelis to posses the land before Christ returns. Probably more than half of the US subscribes to some form of this myth. AIPAC and other Jewish lobbies influence our nation through media and politics to a degree way out of proportion to what the Jewish population is and in particular to what the Zionist representation is. These facts put together will be fatal to any notion of a Palestinian People – they may even be fatal to us all.

  5. If anyone in Kentucky carries any regrets for having elected Rand Paul to the Senate, such fears should have been dispelled last week. FINALLY, a public servant who's not afraid to state the truth about the blackmail and coercion coming from the parasites Taiwan and Israel. Something tells me that Sen. Paul will carry a few of the less courageous along with him before he's done.

  6. Interesting analysis. It's about time someone mentioned the fact that even though the PA were prepared to make huge concessions the Israelis still rejected them.

    If you take the time to read Churchill and the Jews by Martin Gilbert _ memeber of the Chilcott enquiry – you'll find that the land zionists originally asked for stretches beyond the Jordan river.

    In a letter to Weizman Churchill warned zionists not to press too hard for their wish but to be prepared to wait – Churchill stated they may have to wait 100 or 200 years – but eventually they would get what they wanted.

    This all may be about Greater Israel the land of Palestine certainly hasn't the resources to become a homeland for all Jews – or then again it might be about far worse

    tomofsnj – the British did promise independence for Palestine but Churchill would not allow it untill the Arabs had been outnumbered by Jews.

  7. George Antonius's 1938 book "The Arab Awakening" remains the best source regarding the nature the betrayal of the Great Arab Revolt (1916-1918) by its British and French allies. Key documents such as the Damascus Protocol, the Anglo-French Declaration and the Letter from the Seven Syrians of Cairo clearly explain what was promised – a single, unifies, democratic Arab state throughout the entire Arabic-speaking part of the Ottoman Empire. Instead, the great betrayal at Paris in 1919, which formed the basis for the San Remo and Cairo conferences whereby that one state – which TE Lawrence called "the inviolate house" in his great love poem "To S.A." – was instead broken-up for British/French/Zionist imperial purposes into the baker's dozen of weak Arab states which still exist – along with Israel; the Jewish Rhodesia.

    1. George Antonius's "Arab Awakening" is well worth re-printing in paperback for wide distribution. Our President and Congress are sadly ignorant of that history, so very much a background for present entanglements with an illegal, self-created "state". But history classes are cut back, obscuring such diplomatic records as the King-Crane Commission's 1919 warning about the risks of encouraging Jewish immigration into a long-established Arab culture. The 3-billion plus dollars American taxpayers pay out to Israel annually could strengthen education in the USA if the Jewish lobbies were exposed.

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