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Justin Elliott, reporter for Salon.com, discusses the Mideast dictators – other than Mubarak – supported by the US; how, by looking at actual diplomatic relationships, one can conclude the US has no real interest in human rights or democracy, beyond rhetorically bludgeoning enemy states with them; Secretary of State Clinton’s failure to broach the abysmal human rights record of Turkmenistan during her visit; and the politician and pundit members of the Mubarak fan club.

MP3 here. (18:16)

Justin Elliott is a Salon.com reporter. His Twitter feed is here.

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  1. When told that our 'ally' Stalin was a dictator – FDR's response was that "he is our dictator" as though he had control over Stalin – the same Stalin who had murdered millions of his own people; the same Stalin who invaded Poland shortly after Germany did; the same brutal dictator / Communist who in many respects was far worse than was Hitler – I do NOT defend Hitler, another brutal dictator.
    America has either supported or installed dictators – "our dictators" – and then we wonder why, after they are disposed, the people hate US!

  2. i hate this country for what it does and i live here… America is the greatest purveyor and exporter of terrorism and violence in the world yesterday,today and probably tomorrow….

  3. The U.S. Government doesn't mind dictators, as long as they're loyal satraps of the U.S. and its "51st state," Israel.

  4. Just a short list below tells all:

    1. Jonas Savimbi (Angola) 26 years of support, hosted by Ronal Reagan in the WH
    2. Mobutu Sessesseko (Zaire – today RDC) 32 years of support
    3. Suharto (Indonesia) 32 years of support
    4. Pinochet (Chile) 17years of support
    5. Shah (Iran) 27 years of support until 1979
    6. Sandinistas (Nicaragua) 2 decades of support
    7. Hassan II (Morrocco) support for life
    8. Hosni Mubarak (Egypt) 30 years
    9. The Saudi monarchs (Saudi Arabia) – support for life as long as the oild lasts
    10. Kuwait's monoarchs (Kuwait) – support for life as long as the oild lasts
    11. Bahrain, Quatar, UAE, Oman — in short, all oil producing kingdoms in the Persian Gulf

    etc……. I think I should stop here….
    Just want to let you know that Human Rights is empty rhetoric – you're dealing with illusionists

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