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Kathleen Barry, feminist activist and author of Unmaking War, Remaking Men, discusses the social forces at work in the military indoctrination process; how replacing the “self,” and notions of morality, with a “buddy system” of unrelenting devotion to comrades engenders disregard for human life and guarantees atrocities against enemies seen as sub-human; the artificial social construct of masculinity, used as a guarantor of patriarchy and military service; and why a purely defensive military, used as a global peacekeepking force, is both possible and desirable.

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Kathleen Barry is a feminist activist, blogger and author of five books including Female Sexual Slavery, which launched an international movement against trafficking in human beings. She is also a sociologist and Professor Emerita. Her latest book is Unmaking War, Remaking Men.

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  1. The state, what Professor Hoppe calls “the expropriating property protector,” is ill-equipped to defend America’s shores. The state’s armies are therefore an illegitimate force to be used to engage in “peace-keeping” activities around the world. In the midst of the ongoing financial meltdown and the fall of dictatorships the discussion of what to do next should focus on the peaceful transition to a true free market society based on voluntary association and the provision of protection through voluntarily subscribed insurance. Let’s leave gender politics to the effeminate left, the state-subsidized poltroons who fatuously persist in fomenting false theory.

  2. The transformation occurs in K-12 education where the child learns to respect whatever authority figure the state appoints for them and to subordinate their own best interests to those of the adults running the school system. Uniformity? Have you see how American high school is run? The American education system is the most important employer of university educated women so a feminist should perhaps tackle k-12 education where she would in theory be most useful.

  3. Well we do not have a voluntary society so the empire to exist must twist all good men and women! So stop going towards your phoney left/right debate split. War is not normal. Killing people without a trial in Afghanistan is not normal.Using drones, bribed Afghanis, mercenary soldiers and 'NGOs is increasingly our way . Depersonalization is the technique. I would say that he is right who would argue that our revolution must b/starthe mind! Let us concentrate on discribing how a free society works. If our rev is non violent and it must be the nobody can spread freedoom with a gun or through bribery. As tyranny grows we will be the opposition. We must at all times end the phoney left/right split and discribe things AS THEY REALLY ARE! That is what antiwar.com tries to do! Atrue Liberty Movement must start with the idea that the means are not justified by the ends. It however must be realistic and smart (know the limits of voting and speakling how to speak and when to speak). In fact WE must marshall the powerful Principle THAT the means of our change are the ENDS! So we are from beginning to end NON VIOLENT.

  4. Been working to "undo" the brainwashing for quite some time. Actually, it was kind of easy as a "Hollywood Marine" (Stationed 2 1/2 yrs in So Cal). 90% of my unit was "against" the war. Took a principaled stad against every Military action since Vietnam.
    My Father , brothers, brothers-in-law,cousins, uncles and most of my HS friends all enlisted. It is heartening to know that no sons or daughters,2nd cousins neices, nephews, or grandkids have enlisted.
    A "true free market society" isn't going to do squat to stop this insanity, as some above have argued. This ideology is A motive force/rationale for US Militarism and Pax Americana criminality….

  5. i support our troops; i support whoever is fighting against them.

    This inidividual is living in a fantasy world. Rather that remake our military, we should promote disrespect for it,, the people in it, and its mission. That is the rational approach to the problem of militarization. As long as we have a military, it will be moreorless like the one we have–realistically speaking. Unless we have a revolution of the Russian or Chinese variety where we could send everyone off to reeducation camps.

    I am a veteran, so save it.

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