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Robert Baer, former Middle East CIA field officer and author of The Devil We Know: Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower, discusses why the Egyptian uprising is better characterized as a bread riot than a Twitter revolution; how Omar Suleiman abetted the US torture rendition program in Egypt – and not for fact-finding interrogations, but to extract false confessions to justify the Bush administration’s foreign policy; the huge flaws in the 9/11 Commission that make a clear account of facts impossible nearly a decade later; and why Gen. Petraeus is lying when he says measurable progress is being made in Afghanistan.

MP3 here. (19:24)

Robert Baer, a former Middle East CIA field officer, is’s intelligence columnist and the author of See No Evil and, most recently, The Devil We Know: Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower.

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  1. I have not yet heard this interview but I think Baer is great. I have read two of his books espically the one about Iran. If you like forgien affairs and you want a forgien policy then his idea should be taken in account. I personally say we should leave Iran alone but, if your a person who is scared of Iran and want to make things better, his idea should be taken seriously.

  2. The guy quotes Krugman's article in NY Times about "Global Warming" like gospel, thinks gov't can solve everything with forced "family planning", then proclaims "I'm not a liberal"…

  3. Agreed. I question the judgment of anyone who actually thinks "global warming" is a problem and believes the state should engage in "family planning." Go plan your own family, dude.

  4. I have listened to every single Scott Horton interview on antiwar. This interview was the single worst interview, not because of poor interview skills, except for the fact that Scott encourages this dribble.

    Global warming, no such thing as fascism? Right and instead we should blame the Easter Bunny.

    Worse, it seems, the show has progressively gone down a path of being passive, full of nonsense and lacking true pacifism which is based in fact, morals and common sense.

    It would appear that antiwar is afraid to discuss real issues such as corporate support for militarism, media collusion and the long term view on Fabian Socialism and its hegemonic imperative for Imperialism under the Crown.

    C'mon Scott get fired up, take a broader view, drop the support of these fallacious main stream memes and either step up or step off.

  5. I have listened to every single Scott Horton interview on antiwar. This interview was the single worst interview, not because of poor interview skills, except for the fact that Scott encourages this dribble. And now you delete and edit comments-what propaganda. Sad.

      1. Sorry, I was wrong, it appeared that comments were there then gone, but I see it's just part of the approval process. Thank you for your excellent work Angela! I appreciate it.

  6. It is quickly becoming apparent that Antiwar Radio is hardly representative of true world pacifism since you avoid the subject of hegemonic goals of the Fabian Socialists for the Crown who are the true aggressors for imperialism against individual independence and liberty.

  7. So after listening to this interview I would have to agree I have no idea where the Global Warming thing came from, I was like whaaaa ?. Havent heard such a thing from him like that.

  8. A real investigation into 911 can turn our foreign policy upside down. No one Antiwar. com staff wants to really see the staggering piles of evidence that point away from the official story. Even if the official story makes no rational sense at all. No, not on Nope, anyone that looks outside the bloody box will be a persona non grata. Everything that's sordid and sick about these wars comes from 911. has failed it's readers, failed the country, failed mankind. We of refuse to even discuss this subject as we have made up our minds and that's that. Closed subject, do not go there or our funds will dry up.

  9. I don't buy Baer's analysis on any of this. The Hizballah takeover in Lebanon was purely political and completely legal. They and their governing partners withdrew from the government as is their right and formed a new government. What’s the military got to do with that?

    And to say that the Egyptian protests were merely bread riots doesn't explain the protests that broke out in so many other countries, including sympathetic protests in Western countries where there is plenty of bread. There is a huge political component to the Egyptian uprising that can’t be explained away with food/commodities pricing.

    Baer is engaging in major wishful thinking.

  10. I hate to break it to those who posted before me, because it's a horrible truth, but global warming is real. I trust the entire scientific community more than some bloggers, FAUX News, and various and sundry yokels. Family planning works wonders, also.

    1. You're not "breaking" anything as it appears you are the one behind the times with the global warming malarkey. In 2011, following the worldwide dissemination and review of the data, communications, and dissent-squashing of political hacks pretending to be climate scientists, it is quite absurd to continue the "entire scientific community" charade. It is perfectly transparent to all, sorry.

    2. I trust the entire scientific community


      Good for you. I trusted the economics community and now I have egg all over my face.

  11. Robert Baer isn't at his best here. His interview with Berkeley on YouTube is great and he has some other good ones. In one of his interviews I think that he admitted that he smoked pot (no joke), and judging by this interview I think he hasn't broken the habit yet.

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