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Jacob Hornberger, founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, discusses how Washington’s mixed messages on Egypt are exposing the US government’s preference for dictatorships over democracies when they suit policy goals; why the US isn’t quite ready to join Chile and other countries willing to look back and examine previous government misdeeds; and why abandoning empire doesn’t presage military defeat and economic ruin.

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Jacob G. Hornberger is founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation. He is a regular writer for The Future of Freedom Foundation’s publication, Freedom Daily, and is a co-editor or contributor to the eight books that have been published by the Foundation.

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  1. Correct me if I aM wrong but I get the impression that the US intervenes in these countries for the benefit of American corporations. The market place is about making money and I don't think our lives should be based on making money. A huge corp. like Shell for instance can bribe and influence the govt. of an entire country like Nigeria because it is so much more wealthy and powerful than the country itself. We need international law to curtail power whether it is in the form of govts or corps.

    1. Roger, corporate influence is certainly a factor with many interventions around the world, but Egypt? I think they transition to becoming a net importer of oil, so that can't be the reason. Half their population lives on a couple bucks a day, so there is no market worth serving.

      There's one and only one reason why we've intervened and propped up a dictatorial regime in Egypt for three decades: because it's good for Israel. That's it. The US government is stealing from their people to bribe the largest and most capable Arab military force to stand down from any conflicts with Israel. Israel wins, the Egyptian elite are enriched, and the American and Egyptian people get the short end of the stick.

      1. Yet, there is plenty of money to be made in Egypt. Corporations doing business there can do it only by "partnering" with a local company or individual, and give them 51% share. Naturally, Mubarak, his family, his favorites in the Army, political leadership or business world get the lion's share of this free money. Egypt is now is FOOD IMPORTER. Its cotton production is enourmous, yet the cronies that run the company take from the top, while the workers's pay is cut in the name of "losses". Same for the profitable Suez business. Until such a time that "multinational" corporations are made to declare their citizenship and loyalty to A COUNTRY the wealth will be concentrated outside of anyone's control, while Mubaraks of this world facilitate the plunder. US is just as much victim. Here, we actually believe that GM, Coke, GE and others are AMERICAN COMPANIES! They pay no taxes, benefit from taxpayers funding on all fronts, and get to buy politicians! While we chase illegals from Mexico, the big time illegals are plundering our economy.

      2. Of course, you're exactly right.
        It's hard to believe that there are still so many Americans that are not willing or able to see this basic Fact. You have to be almost totally unconscious.
        We will very soon see how the elites deal with the protesters, since they have basically told the people to shut up, go home and "we'll fix everything ".
        What happens next will be very telling for the people of the world. How much blood are the government elites willing to shed?

  2. Obama and Bush 43 both raised the debt ceiling. This is our darkness. Everything else is only a subdivision of that. The US congress is in a bind, because Republican or Democrat won't face because the voter doesn't want to face it. Egypt's current government started after Camp David peace agreement between Anwar Sadat and Israeli Began government as negotiated by Jimmy Carter. Confronting our government's role in foreign policy is what Jacob Hornberger suggests. Its hard to get when the voter want to live without worrying about debt and haven't elected representatives that give them the hard facts.

  3. America has betrayed its ideals for a very very long time.

    It was israel who assassinated jfk to obtain the nuclear bomb. JFK was the first president to be confronted with the real threat of nuclear war. The peaceful outcome of that threat(cuban missile crisis) made JFK steadfastly against nuclear proliferation This came at a bad time for israel as they were working on a nuclear weapon at dimona. JFK would not budge. It was the israeli's who assasinated JFK.

  4. I just think this libertarian tune I am hearing is nonsense, though I wish it wasn't so, because I appreciate the anti-empire sentiments. But look, to make the argument that if we just let natural greed run its course on a domestic level, everything would just harmonize, well that's just insanity on a limited scale. I think these people should have "Small is Beautiful" as assigned reading so they can see that if violence is part of the institutional structure, we're going to pay the price in the environment and in society. We need to be about questioning paradigms, not about making adjustments at a more or less superficial level. I'm all for the limiting the power of the state! I just don't want that to mean free rapine for the Koche bros. and the Waltons. Please remember that within the bounds of our own borders, we extirpated haromonious cultures in a most brutal (yet amniesiac) manner, and I don't recall the hand of the market doing one damn thing to prevent that.

  5. Presumably you realize that by saying this you are making my point, which is that the Fed exists not for the b.s. public-good reasons, but because it facilitates the nefarious intentions of the sociopaths in charge.

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