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Jason Ditz, managing news editor at Antiwar.com, discusses Hamid Karzai’s complaint about NATO reconstruction funds being re-routed around his notoriously corrupt regime; how the US uses the Afghan army’s size as a measure of progress, even though it’s comprised of fair-weather soldiers who desert early and often; comparing the costs of a large Afghan army with the country’s GDP (it isn’t remotely sustainable); how Iraq’s Nouri al-Maliki is acting as a one man government, where his official job titles allow him to staff his own cabinet; and how the Egyptian military dominates nearly all facets of the country’s economy.

MP3 here. (20:14)

Jason Ditz is the managing news editor at Antiwar.com. His op-ed pieces have been published in newspapers across the country.

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  1. Let´s not forget that the Taliban were guests of honor with the oil-people in Texas. They couldn´t agree on the Trans-Afghan Pipeline and the Taliban wanted to give the contract to an Argentinian firm. The Taliban had nothing to do with 9/11. Now some 400 kms of Trans-Afghan Pipeline has been built. So, United Bluff can get oil and gas from 5 countries north of Afghanistan, the pipeline will go to Karachi and from there by ship to the USA. NATO-soldiers are willing to die for air-condition in Texas !

  2. I'm not saying the first commenter is incorrect about 400km of pipeline having been built, but I recall reading recently about some alleged milestone being reached in assembling the Afghan security forces intended to guard it. And if the pipeline was in place, why haven't I heard about the Taliban attacking it as a matter of course. Chuck Robb at global guerrillas has written at length about the exponential returns for insurgents of attacks on infrastructure BTW…

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