Nick Hankoff


Nick Hankoff, member of Year of Youth and Young Americans for Liberty, discusses the YAL contingent attending the CPAC 2011 Conference February 10-12, in Washington DC; Donald Rumsfeld’s pending “Defender of the Constitution” award; and how young people can change the Conservative movement for the better, while arguing for a sensible foreign policy based on libertarian non-intervention.

MP3 here. (9:27)

Nick Hankoff is a member of Year of Youth and Young Americans for Liberty.

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  1. CPAC's vote last year for Ron Paul was a good thing. The young
    generation know the system as-is is going to collapse reguardless of Republican or Democrat administration.
    They are stealing the current social security payments of the young – "
    The American people are still paying more into the Social Security fund than is paid out. The surplus is then transferred into the Social Security Trust Fund, which has become in reality the U.S. federal government’s piggy bank.
    The excess funds are “converted into special-issue Treasury bonds, which are really nothing more than IOUs. In addition, the Treasury pays interest on the trust fund’s balance by crediting the trust fund with additional IOUs,” according to an article by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tan"

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