Adam Morrow


Adam Morrow, journalist with IPS News, discusses how Egyptian protesters remained peaceful despite scores of agent provocateurs inciting violence, attempting to discredit the demonstrations; crucial infrastructure in Tahrir Square (electrical, bathrooms) completed by volunteer professionals in hours, while it typically took the government years to respond to citizens’ needs; WikiLeaks documents that make the Egyptian government indistinguishable from Israel on Gaza policy; protesters staying put in Tahrir Square, for fear of being bluffed out by fake concessions; the soon-to-be revealed skeletons of Egypt’s recent and distant past; rumors of government involvement in the Coptic church bombing that was blamed on al Qaeda – raising tensions between Christians and Muslims; how Mubarak’s resignation strikes a huge blow to US regional influence, and marks the loss of a crucial Israel ally; and why, if it can happen in Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority could well be next.

MP3 here. (28:55)

Adam Morrow writes for Inter Press Service News Agency.

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  1. Dear Scott,

    I've just recently discovered your radio program at KPFK. Thus far my favorite interview of yours was with phil geraldi. Wonderful.

    A couple of other ideas, please consider doing longer interviews. 10 minutes is barely enough time for anyone to scratch the surface about anything.

    And, why not have a link at least to the interviews you're doing over at KPFK, as these are important interviews that are not being referred to here. Also, I like the format of the KFPK show better than your daily show with anti-war. The news briefs are fantastic, they get you thinking!

    Good Luck, Thanx for your work!


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