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Gareth Porter, independent historian and journalist for IPS News, discusses the 2002 Taliban reconciliation deal scuttled by the US, which refused to guarantee the safety of Taliban leaders returning from exile in Pakistan to participate in some sort of unity government; clear evidence that the Taliban’s willingness to provide “safe haven” for al-Qaeda has been exaggerated; how the Bush administration’s quick-fix Afghan plan allowed a quick transition to the preferred war in Iraq; and the Pakistani pressure brought to bear on Mullah Omar to continue the insurgency and resist US demands to hand over bin Laden.

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Gareth Porter is an independent historian and journalist. He is the author of Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam. His articles appear on Counterpunch, Huffington Post, Inter Press Service News Agency and

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  1. Still, it´s a fact that nano-thermite was found in the dust from WTC. Wasn´t it closed a week before the attack. Niels Harrit, Uni of Copenhagen, and 8 more scientists calculate that up to 100 tons of nano-thermite was placed in the buildings. And the Israeli "art students" filming and celebrating on a hill outside N.Y. as it happened ? They knew that the threat from Iraq would disappear. I repeat: It´s not conspiracy theory, it´s science, facts: Nano-thermite was placed in the buildings. By whom and why is another matter. But the fact remains that the buildings were filled with nano-thermite.

  2. Special interests predominate. Pakistan sought an insurgency that supported bin Laden's residency, while also frustrating India's meddlesome role by combatting the Northern Alliance.The U.S. focused on the proposed pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to the Arabian Sea on Pakistan's coast at Gwadar. Russia and China are very much in the competition as well, seeking to control oil and gas reserves and pipeline transit routes from the Caspian Basin.

    So everyone has an ax to grind. Its the poor people of Afghanistan who are caught up in this geo-political and economic struggle for area dominance.

  3. What would the American people do IF they discovered that it was Israel and Zionist-Jerws who were responsible for 9/11? – probably nothing.

  4. The collective crimes are almost unfathomable, with premeditation: 9/11, murders and tortures, loss of freedoms, contrived wars, loss of honest press or honest government—-treasonous/ criminal media/ representatives/ secret government; set up for financial shakedown (and even request for protection against prosecution and recoupment of the trillions defrauded—-which should be ignored and overcome based on the fraud); designed destruction of the country (as most of us knew it) with complete control of the entire national dialogue as only ideas which are approved by the elite are permited to be publicized.
    To aspiire to the rule of law and any integrity—-the trillions must be recouped, the banksters and politicans prosecuted, the wars ended and criminals and neocons run out of government, and an honest media created. Homeland Security should fire 850,000 of its 900,000 employees, but the country needs 850,000 criminal investigators and prosecutors. The extent of the crimes are undisclosed, but enough is known for the indictments to begin.

  5. All this talk about thermite, thermate and nanothermite…. Are there photos of the substance(s)..???? or some spectrometer readings… If there were high quality photos, seems to me "us" truthers would BUY them… Who knows, there were so many suspicious aspects of that morning and what happened…..Look at the supposed "crash" site in PA….. It's not very convincing…. So many security tapes were running at the world headquarters of paranoia [the Pentagon]… but what do they give us…?? Tape from a camera about two feet off the ground employed deployed to observe a parking lot toll gate… Where is the tape from the freeway cameras the state uses there to watch traffic.?? Where are the tapes from the roof cameras..on the pentagon…?? Where I live the baseball card shop has more cameras than the Pentagon has admitted to having.. Try this A very experienced photo analyst, Jack White demolishes some {most?] of the photos the DOD released weeks later…. The therapist who took out a restraining order against Bruce Ivans, but in the filing, misspells the word therapist.. See:… The word is the last word third line… So many odd bits unless it …….was intentional.. Halburton, Carlyle….Bush…Cheney….. My favorite part is the Bush performance at the Booker Schoo.. He does NOT stand up…. He does NOT call Rummy to ask WTF is going on..???

    "the Bush administration’s quick-fix Afghan plan allowed a quick transition to the preferred war in Iraq"
    HHHMMMM……….What a surprise…..Ya think…??? I wonder what Julian has to say these days…!!

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