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Jeff Stein, SpyTalk columnist for the Washington Post, discusses how Jane “Israeli Asset” Harman’s resignation from Congress will cost the CIA a staunch ally; the 2009 Harman wiretap scandal allegedly involving Haim Saban, Alberto Gonzales, Nancy Pelosi, warrantless wiretapping and the House Intelligence Committee chairmanship; how Harman’s flippant “foot race challenge” to Stein turned the scandal into a sideshow that quickly disappeared from media coverage; and why a news story unflattering to AIPAC isn’t likely to get traction in US media.

MP3 here. (12:43)

SpyTalk columnist Jeff Stein is a longtime investigative reporter specializing in U.S. intelligence, defense and foreign policy issues. An Army Intelligence case officer in Vietnam, Stein has authored three highly regarded books and has been a frequent contributor to periodicals ranging from Esquire,Vanity Fair, GQ and Playboy to The New Republic, The Nation and The Christian Science Monitor. He also appears frequently on television and radio as an analyst on national security issues. In the 1980s, he was deputy foreign editor at UPI.

Until late 2009 Stein worked at Congressional Quarterly, where he launched the online CQ/Homeland Security daily, served as National Security editor and created SpyTalk.

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