Mark Rumold


Mark Rumold, the Open Government Legal Fellow at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, discusses the 40 thousand estimated FBI violations of laws, Executive Orders and other regulations committed during intelligence operations from 2001-2008; the post-Watergate origin of the Intelligence Oversight Board, and its severe curtailment during the Bush administration; Obama’s failure to change the government culture of arbitrary and excessive redaction of documents; and the encouraging (if probably temporary) bipartisan defeat of the PATRIOT Act’s reauthorization.

MP3 here. (16:56)

Mark is the Open Government Legal Fellow at EFF, where he works primarily on the FOIA Litigation for Accountable Government (FLAG) Project. His legal interests include the First Amendment, information privacy, and the ways technology can improve how we structure government. He received his law degree from Boalt Hall and his undergraduate degree from Northwestern University.

6 thoughts on “Mark Rumold”

  1. Shocking I tell you, just shocking that the FBI, Fascist Bully Institute, would break the law and abuse it authority and yet not accomplish anything except make it look like they are doing something on paper to increase its budget.

  2. Obama, like George Bush talks the talk while a candidate. But once in office, all bets are off. Politicians are all the same, power predominates. In their view, the Constitution is just a scrap of old paper to be referred to while giving convention speeches and or at fund raising events. Can anyone disagre that while in office everything is justified under the rubric of national security: War, coup, murder, extra-legal investigations, detention, rendition without representation, and of course, that corporate priority: exploitating the resources of others.

  3. I know what would reverse this arrogance and disdain for obeying the Constitution to the letter. Arrest any politician who violates the Constitution, charge them with High Treason, put them on trial before a jury of citizen patriots, convict them and then promptly usher them out of the court room and execute them in public.

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