Grant F. Smith


Grant F. Smith, director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington, D.C., discusses the declassified FBI document that details Israeli infiltration of Pennsylvania’s NUMEC nuclear plant in the 1960s; how NUMEC’s “abnormal” losses of nuclear material were in fact diversions of highly enriched uranium to Israel’s nuclear weapons program; the renewed (and increasingly effective) effort to free Jonathan Pollard, even though the scope and damage of his spy ring remains shrouded in mystery; how US aid to Israel violates the Symington Amendment; and why we should know the identity of “Mega” in 43 years or less.

MP3 here. (20:12)

Grant F. Smith is the author of Spy Trade: How Israel’s Lobby Undermines America’s Economy, America’s Defense Line: The Justice Department’s Battle to Register the Israel Lobby as Agents of a Foreign Government and Foreign Agents: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee from the 1963 Fulbright Hearings to the 2005 Espionage Scandal. He is a frequent contributor to Radio France Internationale and Voice of America’s Foro Interamericano. Smith has also appeared on BBC News, CNN, and C-SPAN. He is currently director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington, D.C.

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  1. Raimondo reaches out for donations. Fine, I and many other Truthers would have no problem making donations but for one thing. fails the critical test when allying itself with the official nonsense of 911. Raimondo is out of touch with the real anti-war movement. His skills as a writer are honed to reach establishment big bucks libertarians and Republicans along the lines of Pat Buchanan's following. Even after discovering that much of that movement was and is being taken over by Zionist, chose to ignore the little guy that was hurt the most by 911 and pursue the conventional belief that 19 ill prepared Arabs brought this all about. needs some house cleaning and it should start at the top.

    1. Unless their is a convergence of all anti militarist fractions into an anti war party the USG/MIC, Mafia Industrial Complex, will continue unabated and the USA becomes a military dictatorship which is the unofficial policy of the Repubican Party as articulated by the "C" street Repubicans whose goal is to fashion the USA after Suharto's Indonesia, complete with military dictatorship. The "C" street Repubicans hero's are; Hitler, Stalin, Suharto, Pinochet just to name the prominent with others like Samoza. This is the unofficial Repubican party policy complete with American Taliban like laws for the society, exempting themselves from all moral restrictions which are reserved for the peasantry.

    2. Because anti-war movement == 9/11 truthers?

      Hopefully not.

      Really, if you want 9/11 truthing, there are all kind of wacky websites out there. Or you could funnel money to the nanothermite guy or to the other one who was talking about robot planes.

      1. The fact that you are incapable of referring to people's beliefs without attempting to ridicule them shows you in a bad light. Nano-thermite is evidence my child, while numpties like you put your faith in a document written by Robert Zelikow, lol. Youre a clever one, arent you!

  2. And now it has been revealed that Israel tried to sell a nuclear weapon (that they supposedly didn´t have) to South Africa. That´s HIGH WAR CRIME.

  3. Unless there is some leadership at the top of then there is a chance that all the fine writers for this blog will have to look elsewhere for future readership. Now the lies of the official 911 story are coming home to roost on the people that should have gotten this narative straight many years ago.

  4. Does Israel stealing weapons-grade uranium from the US have anything to do with why Israel is still keeping its nuclear arsenal a secret?

  5. Smith's interviews are always informative. He gives you chapter-and-verse regarding Israel's perfidy toward the U.S., its sugar daddy.

    By the way, among those calling for Pollard's release is "Dumbass Dan" Quayle, the ex-veep. No surprise there. Quayle's a mental midget, and his chief of staff was a certain Bill Kristol. Need I say more?

    1. Well you might want to remind us history challenged Americans that Quayle was the VP of President G.H.W Bush, one of the greatest traitors mankind has produced.

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