Samer Muscati


Samer Muscati, Iraq and UAE researcher for Human Rights Watch, discusses the rampant torture of prisoners in Iraqi prisons; how Prime Minister Maliki effectively runs the entire government’s security apparatus, while vacancies remain in the important ministries of defense, national security and the interior; the continuity of torture from Saddam Hussein, to US and British occupation forces, to sectarian militias, and now Maliki’s government; and Iraq’s significant oil revenues that are squandered or stolen instead of being spent on crucial public services.

MP3 here. (19:44)

Samer Muscati is a professional photographer and works as the Iraq and UAE researcher for Human Rights Watch.

3 thoughts on “Samer Muscati”

  1. This comment may be of topic but are troops need to treat civilians with respect like they would what themselfs and there familys treated.Some of the most meaningfull words ever said were TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED.

  2. Yes, PEACE… the golden rule… But the occupiers and conquerors apply it as "wouldn't I want to be ruled….occupied by me?" ……. "Of course, I love to be ruled by me,If I think so well of myself and my policies, why wouldn't you…???" …….. and if you don't think my way is the best, you must be either a radical or a terrorist if you actually have the temerity to resist my occupation and/or rule……………..

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