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Stephen Webster, Senior Editor at, discusses why Libyan leader Muammer Gaddafi will either be deposed or killed within the next several days; the spectacle of Gaddafi’s incoherent, angry and bizarre speech; how the New York Times agreed – yet again – to withhold information at the White House’s request, this time about accused murderer Raymond Davis‘s CIA employment; how US demands for Davis’s release could lead to a popular uprising in Pakistan or war; and Iran’s provocative – but hardly threatening – naval transit through the Suez Canal.

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Stephen C. Webster is Senior Editor at

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  1. Iran picking a fight? Iran have as much right as any other nation to trade and engage in with its business to partners and exchange programs with its allies.

    Iran is sending unarmed military ships that will be docked in syria in 1 year and help train the syrians in defense matters. Iran should not sit and isolate themselves just because Israel is paranoid

  2. Scott mentioned the Danish 'Mohammed' cartoons. They were acts of a provocateur. These idiotic cartoons were 'solicited' (in the name of overcoming self-censorship) by the so-called 'cultural editor' of the right-wing Danish daily – a guy named 'Fleming Rose' . This was the adopted name of a former Soviet character (Ukraine) – who had previously produced public relations 'puff pieces' praising the cartoonish drunk, Boris Yeltsin and was a recent associate and publisher of Daniel Pipes (a notorious American Zionist provocateur). When the first publication of the cartoons failed to provoke devout but mostly low-key Muslims in Denmark – a half dozen right wing European papers took up the challenge and flashed all the cartoons on their front pages with plenty of hoopla!

  3. The coordinated publication in European papers of these lousy little Danish cartoons finally provoked a fuss in Pakistan and a few other places and the 'fanatical' destruction of thousands of tins of Danish cookies and a boycott of Danish cheeze in Egypt. Job 'well-done', Fleming Rose has 'relocated' to Miami. So much for 'freedom of the press', which became a 'hack job' by imperialist provocateurs during the same year that scores of courageous journalists in Iraq and elsewhere were murdered for doing their honest investigation and reporting.

  4. clintonDajjal101:Union teach our kids how american liberate 13states from British yesterday but NOT arabs who want americanz out of 22U$colonies starting with israelTradingz

  5. I heard last night on Pacifica's Falshpoints program from an interviewee that Pakistani cops found photographs of Pakistani schools, mosques and military buildings in Raymond Davis' car. The implication was that Davis may have been involved in terrorist bombings in Pakistan – an agent provocateur, possibly to undermine the civilian government. The interviewee even suggested Davis may be an active Special Forces member operating covertly out of the Embassy.

    1. Sure does make sense, being an agent provocateur. The Pentagon/spy agencies will do everything they can to KEEP FEAR ALIVE, in the U.S. for the sake of their job security. Psy ops of Senators, just really collecting bribes, and Davis, sound real American to me.

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