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Greg Mitchell, author of the Media Fix blog for, discusses the newest released WikiLeaks documents on his 88th day of nonstop blogging, including Mariah Carey’s million dollar performance for Muammar Gaddafi’s son in 2009; the State Department cables that explain why there is no US ambassador in Libya at present; the friendly relationship between Hugo Chavez and Gaddafi; and the huge boost to Al Jazeera’s credibility (and probably ratings) thanks to their excellent coverage of Middle East uprisings.

MP3 here. (20:38)

Greg Mitchell was the longtime editor of Editor & Publisher. He now writes the Media Fix blog for and maintains a Twitter feed. He is the author of Hiroshima in America, So Wrong for So Long: How the Press, the Pundits–and the President–Failed on Iraq and Why Obama Won: The Making of a President 2008. His newest book is The Age of WikiLeaks: From Collateral Murder to Cablegate (and Beyond).

2 thoughts on “Greg Mitchell”

  1. I thought the U.S. is selling weapons to Libya. IIRC I remember reading recently that there was a General Dynamics contract approved 2 years ago.

  2. USA _is_ giving libya military support, and USA does not import tons of oil from lybia, that would the the EU. Only 5% of lybian oil goes to US the market. Perhaps that is why USA is contemplating intervention, to gain more ground. But I doubt anything will come of it

    As for AW boycotting Amazon… I think that is shooting yourself in the foot. Google is also evil, bows down to government threats and censors themselves if governments tell them to. Microsoft is refusing to provide service to Iranian customers (search engine, live, MSN etc) and so on. Visa, mastercard, Paypal etc… All US phone companies have intimate relations with US and Israeli spy agencies…

    Boycotting these organizations when you are in need of money is like boycotting healthcare when you are in need of medical attention.

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