Scott Horton Interviews L.Pierre de Rochemont and Morgana Gallaway

Scott Horton, March 01, 2011

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L. Pierre de Rochemont and Morgana Gallaway, members of the Stop Austin Scanners! campaign to get TSA naked body scanners out of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, discuss the questionable effectiveness and serious health concerns of TSA scans; invasive searches conducted by TSA agents who are not even sworn law enforcement officers; possible Texas legislation banning scanners from the state; and the broad coalition of opponents to TSA methods and behavior.

MP3 here. (20:10)

L. Pierre de Rochemont is the founder and CEO of GigaCircuits, a company that applies ceramic nanotechnology to the wireless handset industry.

Morgana Gallaway is a graduate of the University of St Andrews in Scotland and author of The Nightingale, a novel set in war-torn Iraq.

4 Responses to “L.Pierre de Rochemont and Morgana Gallaway”

  1. Texas pols need to grow some! Even while living most of my life in the state I realize that they love to talk a big "talk" but so often are led by the federal nose ring. Kick the damn things out of the airports and get rid of the TSA all together. Start asserting your states rights!

  2. Middle class well-off people treated just like POOR PEOPLE! What next?

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