Eric Garris


Eric Garris, founder and director of, discusses why the Libyans had better hurry up with deposing Col. Gaddafi, before they get unsolicited “help” from the US or NATO; Ron Paul’s prescient warnings about the inevitable bankruptcy of empire; how popular protests in Iraq put the US in an impossible bind over which side to choose; and the dozen or so hard working people that keep going, courtesy your donations.

MP3 here. (18:59)

Eric Garris is the founder, managing editor, director and webmaster of

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  1. Scott Horton is one of my most favorite people. I listen to him nearly every day—hell, I want to be Scott Horton.

    That said, he pulled a "W" on this show when he said that the Egyptian people are working hard "to put food on their family." Haha. I hope Scott can laugh at himself. I don't think Scott is "dumb" for saying this. I think he's human. I would same the same for W. He was not "dumb" for his verbal blunders—although anytime he opened his mouth it was like a comedy show—but he was dumb because he had no sense of history, no grasp of logic, and no foresight at all. Not to mention he had no moral compass and he was deranged if he thought he was acting on behalf of God.

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