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Jacob Hornberger, founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, discusses why the Egypt revolution proves (to the Left) that Americans don’t need guns; how armed protesters could have better defended themselves against secret police and thugs; how an armed citizenry is a worst-case-scenario insurance policy and deterrent to tyrannical government; and how the US has been an enabler, provider and founder of dictatorships, “spreading democracy” rhetoric notwithstanding.

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Jacob G. Hornberger is founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation. He is a regular writer for The Future of Freedom Foundation’s publication, Freedom Daily, and is a co-editor or contributor to the eight books that have been published by the Foundation.

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  1. The Republican governor of Wisconsin has tried (with the help of Faux news) to paint the protesters in Madison as the violent thugs (like the government sponsored thugs in Egypt) instead of like the non-violent protesters (in Egypt and Wisconsin) so that they can marginalize the protests in th arena of public opinion. If protesters in Egypt or Madison brought weapons then the corporate media would focus on those with the weapons and depict the whole movement as a bunch of weapon wielding anarchists. Then they would lose the support of others within and outside of those states.
    Using the prostests as a reason for having arms is an exercise in politcal infantilism. You can bring a weapon to a protest, but it shows a more serious (adult) conviction if you are willing to demonstrate your opinon without the threat of violence. Think beyond yourself.

    1. I agree that men and women should own guns. However, the tea party maniacs claim they have a right to shoot anyone who disagrees with them. I fail to see how shooting an unarmed woman and the murder of a 9 year girl equates with freedom. Every time I indicate the stupidity, inconsistencies, and hypocrisy of the religious loons, I am threatened that they are going to call the police while claiming to be against the government. When a couple of these so-called libertarians threatened to detain my wife and call immigration authorities to deport her, I was clear they would get more trouble than they ever imagined. They ran like the cowards they are. Those who claim they have a a right to shoot someone because of ancestry, language, religion, etc., should realize that these folks also have the right to own guns. I have yet to see these cowards attack anyone who was able to defend themselves.

      1. James, you need to get your facts straight. The fella involved in the tragic shooting of the young girl was a Fascist. Please, sort out your facts before posting uneducated comments. Most people do still believe in the rule of law and that is not a bad thing, the problem is their government does not. It believes in making up the rules as it goes along. I understand you are/were angry about their threats to your wife and my wife is also a foreign national but do not let their emotional immaturity sway you from being rational. I am a Christian and veteran but have a serious problem with the way organized religions of all brands whip up their audiences against this or that. Social issues are merely the outcomes of economic determinants. Infrastructure defines superstructure. You can take that to the credit union. From my cold, dead hand they can have my gun.

      2. James, what in the hell are you babbling about? You paint with a brush so broad that I don't know where to begin. And, to set things a little straight, you only have to look over the Black Book Of Communism, Death by Democracy, Harvest of Sorrow, etc. to see that dyed in the wool atheists or non-religionists catapulted tens of millions to the great beyond while saying they were doing mankind a favor in pursuit of the "new man". Sounds just like the religious loonies but in their case its the religiously irreligious. No excuse for either side. Now about the Tea Partiers… here again you scatter gun everyone. I don't belong to their organization, wouldn't want to, and even one of its founders has bailed out claiming its been hijacked by the GOP. There are plenty of kooks but far more quiet people and reasoned folks who never get noticed. It's like the sad cliche' about "All you Americans… blah, blah, blah". All? Who is this all of which you speak? When one lunatic shoots a bunch of people its ridiculous to paint everyone who happens to own a gun as being likewise a lunatic. But notice that nobody calls the ones grabbing your guns… with guns mind you to do the deed… as being likewise evil.

      3. Your analogy of a fixed conversation in name calling is just like chicken little saying the sky is falling. this is simple not true. The Tea-Party group are not all of the same lump. You are very judgemental grouping all as the same lump. Each individual is of different ideas, and all the tea party is not all alike. The Tea party didn't kill a 9 year old girl or kill a woman. Let's keep your bitterness away from the true conversation of the article. If you can't speak the truth in love, then just be quite.Yes, we have religious loons and crazy one in our world, but I fail to see your anger against God's people by calling them stupid. If you would do what is right and express real concern, try to understand others in stead, then others would give you their respect as well. Now if you married a woman who is not a united States Citizen, then they have every right to have an illegal alien transported to their own Nation. Do you agree, there is a right way to get along with the laws of our land instead of calling others names because you are bitter over your own mistake in handling the problems. Don't blame others when your own eye is full of wrong. First cleanse your own ways and then you can help others in love.

    2. Alex, it's a bit hard to sympathize with people actively campaigning for the use of violence against their fellow citizens. The "public sector" gets all of its money involuntarily through the use of taxation, which is theft. There aren't any actual human "rights" being violated on the part of the unionists.

  2. Love Jacob Hornberger! As to the question of why Americans aren't upset about our foreign policy, well, you see, you can't talk about the bad things America and Israel does without being called a "left-wing nut," "America-hater," or, of course, an "anti-semite." Add to that a mass of uneducated (thank you government schools), apathetic, unthinking citizens whose major media outlets not only don't report any of these things, but attack anyone who tries to bring up such unpleasant truths.

  3. You recall that when the Egyptian protests first broke out Hillary C. kept cautioning that these protests should be peaceful and that as long as they are non-violent we 'support' them. I had the impression that she was hoping they would either get violent so that we could go in for Mubarak or that they would remain peaceful but get crushed by the police and military forces. Somehow they managed against all odds to remain both peaceful and strong in the face of violence and thus succeeded in achieving the first part of their goal. It seems to be a given that the State has a right to be violent whereas the people have the duty to be non-violent even in the face of oppression, so that fighting for human/civil rights requires a sacrifice while fighting for the state requires only the latest and most advanced weaponry to be considered legitimate.

    1. I've noticed that in the lapdog medias parlance that citizens who rise up and fight with whatever they get their hands on are reported as being "untrained or disorganized" as though they are unable to do the job while tax payer paid mercenaries.. i.e. State sanctioned killers, are the only ones crayoned in as being capable or, gasp!…. "necessary".

  4. Egyptians might have been able to get away with that, but Americans had to face the Hessians – mindless military automatons bent on destruction. And the Brits – imperial tyrants who refused to be parted with their ill-gotten gains without violence. And, of course, the blood-thirsty redskin, or black, waiting in the dark to kill ordinary God-fearing people in their beds.

    Much like the evil AlQaeda and Hamas terrorists are planning to do right now.

    Besides, WOGS don't know how to handle guns. You'd never find the NRA wasting ammo by shooting up in the air.

  5. Scott this was one of your best – required listening if you want context for both revolutionary America and modern day America.

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