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Jennifer Van Bergen, a journalist, author and law lecturer, discusses the new charges against Bradley Manning, including “aiding the enemy” which carries a possible death sentence; the legal distinction in the UCMJ between giving intelligence to the enemy and communicating with the enemy; why Manning should be treated like a whistleblower and not an enemy combatant; the chilling implications of a broadly applied Espionage Act; and how the dozens of charges against Manning could be softening him up for a plea deal favorable to the government.

MP3 here. (18:38)

Jennifer Van Bergen, a journalist with a law degree, is the author of The Twilight of Democracy: the Bush Plan for America. She writes frequently on civil liberties, human rights, and international law.

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  1. The US women's peace group, Code Pink, has mounted an online petition to President Bush, concerning Bradley Manning's imprisonment, sleep deprivation, forced nudity, sensory deprivation, social isolation, and other tortures, apparently intended to damage him psychologically prior to the trial that will decide whether or not he is guilty of any crimes.

  2. thank you for link, hankdavey, signed petition and added my 2 cents…

    Bradley Manning is one of the few -if not only- in the military to actually take their oath seriously enough to put their MORAL COURAGE and life on the line for REAL freedoms…
    the rest are stupid kids, candy-ass loudmouths, and borderline sociopaths who will kill brown people the world over because they are too afraid to stand up for what they know is right… (IF they know what is 'right', like not killing people who are no real threat to us…)

    MR. Manning IS A HERO and role model to ANY ONE who wants their kid to grow up and 'do the right thing'… it is to our eternal shame he is being imprisoned, tortured, and scapegoated…

    his treatment is OBSCENE, hypocritical, and cruel and unusual punishment, if that concept even has any meaning in this inhumane machine of a society run to benefit our 'superiors'… there is no shame left, there is no moral center left, there is no justice left, there is no humanity left to us…

    time to walk like an egyptian…

    art guerrilla
    aka ann archy

  3. The post on Jennifer Van Bergen proved to be a really useful one. This site is doing a great job by sharing posts against war and that is a great thing. Keep up the good work guys.

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