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Will Grigg, blogger and author of Liberty in Eclipse, discusses the “Red State Fascist” camaraderie protest against Muslims in Yorba Linda, CA; why Sharia law and the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition are equally likely to supplant the US Constitution; and the irony of protesting Sharia in the US, while helping to install it in Iraq.

MP3 here. (18:21)

Will Grigg writes the blog Pro Libertate and is the author of Liberty in Eclipse.

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  1. Grigg says that the biggest growth of Islam is in prisons. Is that why neo cons are so adamant againts terror trial being conducted on American soil? Are they afraid the anti-government sentiment wil spread to the domestic US prisoner population? After all there are what, three million prisoners in America. What a delightful breeding ground for anti-government activity! Why are they afraid of a tortured Afghani whispering to fellow inmates in a New York prison?

  2. christian sharia law is being implemented in the USA which accounts for the quadrupling of the prison population from 750,000 to 3,000,000.the PIC, prison industrial complex,working with the religionists to bribe legislators to create christian sharia law for PIC profits

  3. This is absolutely a ridiculous take on a very peaceful protest in Yorba Linda. I was there, my first public demonstration ever, in the front row until the peaceful demonstration was over. Before we left in the late afternoon/evening about 20 or so hate-filled people from out of the area were brought in and started yelling their obscenities at the Muslims. We were not part of that. There were 6 hours of very thoughtful speeches detailing why we were there and our purpose. Of course, all that was picked up in the news media was the sensationalistic hate speech. So very typical. Why don't you try and get your facts straight.

    1. Sorry, but that doesn't explain the words coming out of the Councilwoman speaking at the podium who was a what – gatecrasher or invited speaker? "…what's going on over there right now…is pure, unadulterated evil" – you'd think Satan himself was in there having a threesome wearing an SS suit.

      Comments like that are pure, unadulterated ignorance! To trounce all of this idiocy, one only needs to take one example: Malaysia. It has a Muslim majority population and active shariah courts which adjudicate between Muslims ONLY. They are both a sound financial trading partner and a military ally (their special forces train with our Navy Seals here, on our soil). They have mutual defence arrangements with Australia and New Zealand (bastions of barbaric Islamists, I know). Just look at their flag (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Flag_of_Malaysia.svg) for crying out loud; "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

    2. Might be the first lesson in activism. Your side is not the only one getting screwed by 'news' coverage -that treatment depends on the political 'weather,' which outlets are covering,… In this case Fox might play 'savior' and pretend that it's outside of that game? Record on your own and make your own presentations; they're not the last word.

      Gotta admit it was an irresistable clip! I heard the Rodney King beating was taken out of context, too. I don't know why anyone needed context to vindicate it; he looked awful threatening on his belly! Evil, even. Jeez, Ida called in my Marine friends, too…just so 'evil' folks knew I had Marine friends.

  4. Sharia promoted in Iraq? Sharia is in the processes of being assimilated into the stillborn world order. How else can you explain the existence of of the Iraqi Central Bank. Chopping of hands for theft is OK.
    Hindering theft via institutional fraud, not OK.

    1. "How else can you explain the existence of of the Iraqi Central Bank. Chopping of hands for theft is OK."
      They should use that tactic heres for the Wal St thugs, for the lobbyist and and ponzi schemers.

      1. I suppose the rats in high office would have to sign with a pen clenched between their teeth. But you can count on it…. they'd do it..!!!

  5. ClaudiaR, my question to you is – what reason was there for even a peaceful demonstration? What was your purpose for being there?

  6. This lunacy could only have happened in an upscale suburb of Orange County targeting a gathering of immigrant Muslims who generally have a deferential 'guest' mentality. Let's see these jokers try this out at a majority African-American mosque in downtown Philly, Oakland or South Central LA. Try telling them to 'go back home' and let's see if that community would put up with this nonsense.

  7. As someone who lives in Orange County, I'm a little frightened that such people live near me. The protesters that is, not the Muslims.

    1. You've every reason to be frightened Rick. Watch the 'Hate Comes To Orange County' video posted by dndn here, and it is clear that these people screaming hatred at young children are terrorists. This is exactly what Nazism looks like.

  8. Yesterday in the news two Sikhs were murdered because some idiots thought they were Muslims. Americans are so stupid they can't even be entrusted with prejudice. They even get that wrong. They yearn for the days when prejudice was a matter of pride and they could boast publicly about attacking somebody who was beneath their contempt. Shamelesness and public cruelty are longed for 'like in the good ol' days'.

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