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Marcy Wheeler, blogging under the pseudonym “emptywheel” at, discusses Obama’s weasel-worded disagreement with State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley’s (who has since resigned) candid assessment of Bradley Manning’s mistreatment in custody; why lax security in the Department of Defense – responsible for the leaked State Department cables – may have created a rift between the two agencies; Manning’s subjection to techniques designed to create “learned helplessness” and generate false confessions; and the curious timing of pro-Manning protests and the punitive measure taken against him.

MP3 here. (18:21)

Marcy Wheeler, aka emptywheel, blogs at Marcy grew up bicoastally, starting with every town in NY with an IBM. Then she moved to Poway, CA, home of several participants in the Duke Cunningham scandal.  Since then, she has lived in Western MA, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and finally–for the last 12 years–Ann Arbor.

She got a BA from Amherst College, where she spent much of her time on the rugby pitch. A PhD program in Comparative Literature brought her to MI; she got the PhD but decided academics was not her thing. Her research, though, was on a cool journalistic form called the “feuilleton”–a kind of conversational essay that was important to the expansion of modern newspapers in much of the rest of the world. It was pretty good preparation to become a blogger, if a PhD can ever be considered training for blogging.

After leaving academics, Marcy consulted for the auto industry, much of it in Asia. But her contract moved to Asia, along with most of Michigan’s jobs, so she did what anyone else would do. Write a book, and keep blogging.

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  1. Obama is worse than Bush. Both are war criminals. Drone attacks, night raids (killing some, kidnapping others), kidnapping, torture, murder. Now the US has killed so many kids and other civilians, also Karzai´s cousin that he has asked them to leave and make their war in Pakistan instead. But they will never leave because of Trans-Afghan Pipeline. The Taliban had nothing to do with 9/11 but they were guests of honor in Texas. But they couldn´t agree on the pipeline. Now they have built 400 kms of it ! Niels Harrit, Uni of Copenhagen, and 8 more scientists have proven that nano-thermit was in the three buildings. I guess there were no terrorists in the planes, they were flown by remote control. Who benefitted ? It was the work of MOSSAD as one former Italian President claimed.

  2. The fact that Bradley Manning was able to throw a wise-acre comment about their campaign to de-humanize his by sensory deprivation, partial nudity, 24 hours machine monitoring, ?pharmacologic manipulation and threats of life imprisonment…, the fact that he has not broken as he was forced to stand naked before his oppressors…that he threw their idiotic techniques of systematic human depravity in their bloated faces…they had to take his under-britches and his slippers…This ongoing human experimentation is supervised by contracted psychologists and physicians! Hurray for Bradley! The resilience of the human spirit! The unbending dignity of this kid! Shame on you – United States Marine Corps! Shame on you-stupid torturing brutal thugs and your academic mentors!

    1. They are such beautiful creatures are they not? What a creative way to do a Bible stwu2..douldn&#8y17;t this make a great kids series for Sunday school lessons? Obviously in their language!!As always, you are a blessing!!In His Graces~Pamela

  3. I don't understnad how anyone on the left can seriously claim that Obama is a leader. He is hiding begind the generals about the legitimacy of torturing of a US citizen. He is hiding in the weeds as the union protests around the country are getting bigger (they claim if he acts on the union's behalf the discussion would be only about Obama and would lose credibility asa grass roots effort). Trying to lead from the rear is not leading. It does not motivate the left to join him for 2012. The rallies are occurring in spite of Obama not with him. He lied about supporting unions and he lied about being against torture. He won't get my vote in 2012.

  4. Yes people it's time to walk like an Egyptian! Our government is a hollow shell of corporate greed that needs to be filled with real people who actually like other people. In other words: let's take it to the streets and take our nation back! Anything less will mean our enslavement.

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