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Charles Featherstone, regular writer at, discusses a possible quid pro quo arrangement between the US and Saudi Arabia, where Saudi support for a Libya no-fly zone is exchanged for US permission to crush the Bahrain protests; why those concerned with the Libyan rebels’ safety should remember the often-disastrous consequences of US “humanitarian” missions; the unfortunate habit of classifying US foreign policy actions in terms of public relations outcomes; and why a bloody assault on rebel-held Benghazi would prompt the UN Security Council to take action against Col. Gaddafi.

MP3 here. (16:46)

Charles H. Featherstone is a seminarian, essayist and songwriter currently living in Chicago. He writes regularly for

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  1. Please ask him more about UAE and Bahrain. UAE is also sending troops to Bahrain, right? Also I would love to hear what his thought is about Iranian influence in Bahrain.

  2. Will we (U.S.) ever learn to keep our hands out of other countries business? If it's oil there is enough in the Western Hemisphere for its' use. Realign the contracts and start over. The natives are atarting to get ticked off at this absolute nonsense. We are broke and better start realizing it. Unfortunately, those that remember the Depression are getting scarcer and scarcer. They could have led the way on how to practice austerity. Our Fools' Paradise will soon end. Jay Ryan

  3. Mohammed Atta studied engineering science at an Uni in Hamburg. All in all, he was probably a Mossad agent like his friends. In the US he went into a safe house and changed back to a plain Israeli and went back home. The planes went by remote control. And the Israeli "art students" put the nano-thermite in the buildings, which Niels Harrit, Uni of Copenhagen, and 8 other scientists have found in the dust from WTC.

  4. It may be that Qaddafi takes back all of Libya. It may also be that the country splits East and West; would that be such a bad thing? They might have a few border squabbles now and then and might unify like East and West Germany or North and South Yemen after a few decades. Or they may remain apart like North and South Koreas; either way it's their business – we have no moral or political authority to demand Libya stay in one piece.

  5. As it turns out the no-fly zone proposal was shot down – by the US. The US has no incentive to invade Libya or even to change the regime since Ghadafi is doing quite well in taking care that the multinational oil companies get access to the people's resources. It's not as if the US would invade to snatch the oil for the American people. The truth is the US corporations are benefitting from the status quo and fear change. Obama may be as bad as Bush was but he is not as stupid.

  6. When will the cowardly 'sheep' in America revolt against the totally corrupt idiots and morons, crooks and thieves, TRAITORS, perverts in our US Congress?

  7. U$ is an israelee robotz Mafia club that have hands-EU+russia+china and have legs-M$rIndiaShamMex funded by OPEX

    UE NOW is ONE Human to ONE Human with Allah SWT..anyONE

  8. I voted for Barack Obama; but, I have concluded that President Obama is a liar, coward, and a hypocrite.

    God Help U.S.!

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