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Washington DC-based writer Matthew Harwood discusses his truthout article “Peter King: Reactionary, Rash and Wrong,” on the greatly exaggerated threat of Muslim extremists in America; the “partners in counterterrorism” relationship between law enforcement and CAIR; the ridiculous conclusions drawn by terrorism analysts who ignore foreign policy implications; and why Rep. Peter King would gladly take your liberty in exchange for more false security.

MP3 here. (24:14)

Matthew Harwood is a writer in Washington DC. He is the author of chapter 25, “Enjoining an American Nightmare,” in the book Attitudes Aren’t Free: Thinking Deeply About Diversity in the U.S. Armed Forces. His work has appeared in The Washington Monthly, The Huffington Post, Truthout, The Columbia Journalism Review and elsewhere.

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  1. Peter "King" of the Zionists is auditioning for the Messiah. The purpose of these hearing is to create terrorism so the USG will give the Israeli Zionist extremists $20 billion. "King" is a Zionist first bought and paid for by AIPAC. He's being bribed to conduct these hearing at American taxpayers expense so that USG aid to Israel will continue to subsidize Israel's socialized medicine.

    1. Well said bogi666. t makes a lot of sense. Don't forget political tactics are well coordinated. I'm sure he's got other motives… Time will tell

  2. Blogs from ignorance fill space but fail to inform. All the politicians, except a very, very few such as Paul, father and son, are in someone's financial debt. But the threat of Islam is real. Few who blog have read and tried to understand the Koran. Few Americans are knowledgeable of events beyond the American borders. This was apparent to me after my first summer school session at a foreign college. Few understand that to be a Muslim, one must accept the Koran as the word of God. There are no translations of the Koran, only interpretations. Several such interpretations of the Koran are available for free downloading at

    The Hebrew and Christian bibles have many contradictions but Mohammad resolved this problem very simply, the last verse written is the final word, so there can be no contradictions among the Muslims. And the last chapter (Sura) chronologically is Sura Nine. A"Moderate Muslim" cannot exist, if he is a moderate Musilm, he rejects Sura Nine. If he rejects Sura Nine, he cannot be a Muslim. Sura Nine includes several important rules for Muslims, including kill all infidels, including Jews and Christians. Other rules include: It is permissible to lie and to ignore treaties and contracts with infidels, including Jews and Christians. And a 'moderate Muslim' dealing in a civilized manner with a Jew or Christian, would be ejected from Islam, probably to be stoned to death in some Islamic countries. There is no flexibility in Islam.

    Al of San Diego (not a Jew nor a Christian)

  3. Representative Peter King–like most of 'em in the Parliament of Whores–is an unprincipled, bought-and-paid-for scumbag. You'll notice that the sonofabitch never says a word about Israel's perfidy toward the U.S. (Hey, King, keep your lips glued to AIPAC's ass, will you? That's a good boy.)

    Best regards to Matthew Harwood.

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