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Rep. Walter Jones, eight term Congressman from North Carolina, discusses the talk of a 2014, instead of 2011, Afghanistan withdrawal deadline; the Kucinich-Jones cosponsored bill requiring Obama to get the troops out by year’s end; the elusive definition of “winning” the war (possibly meaning building roads and schools in Afghanistan while US infrastructure crumbles); why the US can’t continue as the world’s policeman while borrowing the money to do so; using smarter tactics (more bombs, fewer troops) in fighting the war on terrorism; and how a renewed military draft will serve as a forceful reminder to Americans that there are indeed wars going on.

MP3 here. (19:49)

Walter Jones was first sworn in to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1995, after serving 10 years as an elected member of the North Carolina General Assembly. Currently serving his 8th term in Congress, Congressman Jones is a member of the House Committees on Armed Services and Financial Services.

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  1. A draft? I still say the war party isn't that stupid. The protests would be much bigger and due to changes in culture protesters would use much more, shall we say, proactive measures to bring the empire to its end.

    In the 1960s the economy was doing reasonably well. Jobs were plentiful, food was cheap, and housing was cheap. There was still something worth "defending." Only the younger generation protested the war while the members of the statist generation cheered on riot cops bashing in the heads of those "dope smoking hippies."

    In 2011 the economy is in the tank. The nation is falling apart. Jobs don't exist and inflation/stagflation is rampant. Who wants to fight to preserve TSA gropings and banker bailouts? On top of that not only will the youth rise up, but you have a huge popular of baby boomers who will stand shoulder to shoulder with the youth because they don't want what happened to them to happen to future generations.

    A draft in a time of economic ruin, go ask the Czar how that worked out.

  2. But a draft will take a bunch of people off the job market and lower the unemployment rate. It'd be great for the economy! Get us out of the depression just like WW2!

    Of course, that is nonsense and a draft is just a fancy form of slavery and can't be support regardless. But I've heard Jesse Ventura argue a while back that a draft is needed again to wake people up. I certainly see the point.

    1. Don't worry, only poor people will be drafted, often at a judge's suggestion. The well-off will buy their way out, like always. As for slavery, probably debt-bondage will become more and more common. Look forward to owing your soul and body to some company store! No year of Jubilee like in the Bible, either.

  3. Does someone know, how I can download mp3 to my pc? I am at at longer vacation in Spain and am conncted to the internet on a public café. But other people do not want to listen to my pc. So therefore I would like to download the interviews to my pc and listen to them in private. A link to a solution? A way?

    1. Right click on "MP3 here" and select "Save Link As…" Click [Save] after selecting the folder it is to be saved in.

  4. If U.S. military bases abroad, how will the military muckity mucks get their promotions. I understand they are a big source of upward mobility in the military, which requires you be in charge of something.

  5. The problem with pulling our military out of Afghanistan is some of the lucrative defense contractors
    who are making billions of dollars in contracts to Dyna Corp. Lockheed Martin General Electric Boeing are contracted with those who are making these drone aircraft indiscriminately drop bombs on the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan Dyna corp. who trains Afghan rebels the billions made on the drug trade like opium derivative of opium is haroin, morphine, and codeine, OxyContin Percocet, Vicodin. I hope were not Babylon the great in the book of revelations?

  6. the problem is the corrupt US government they have there nose and americas trillions of taxpayer dollars in everybodys buisness around the world look at egypt america supported this corrupt government for 30 years and when the youth stood up and said they would not take it anymore hosni got out that`s what needs to happen here in america washington is a threat to americas security and needs to be replaced and put some working men in there with americas best interest first instead of last 2+trillion iraq 2+trillion afghanistan 20 billion pakistan 167 billion to israel you have clinton running around the world with a blank checkbook stopped in yemen and said america was going to get there economy going WTF it`s time for the world to take care of itself did you know the US military have over 700 bases around the world why hell i bet america going to be first in lybia it time for another country to get in the act france wanted to go let them get there nose there first

  7. The 'Republic' has long been 'dead' – 'democracy' ceased to exist in America a long time ago – our 'elected Rpresentatives' NO longer represent the people of America. 75% of the House Representatives (mostly Republicans) voted against withdrawing troops from Afghanistan – despite that 67% of the people want our troops wothdrawn.
    America needs a revolution against our corrupt government.

    1. The US has never had democracy. We've had oligarchy since independence. Right now, it's very oligarchic and trending towards autocracy.

  8. No to the draft. Absolutely not. Recent polls show that 74% of Americans already want out of these perpetual wars. The other 26% live in DC so there is no point in using a draft to convince them. Soon, there will be an attack against the US and our government will blame another Middle Eastern or N. African country. It will more likely be a false flag attack funded by the Complex to incite Americans back into the war camp. The draft is nothing more than a way to force free people into some type of government service program, ie: not the military. Military service is not their goal; rather, to balloon our government further. More Patriot Acts and wrap them in the flag. We must stay focused on the economics. This is how we win and how they are trying to win by overburdening the system with debt. ECONOMICS IS THE KEY.

    1. Consider that draftees do not make good soldiers. Consider that the military knows this as they have testified too it in front of Congress. Now, consider that the largest threat to our national security is our debt. Economics ladies and gentlemen. Economics.

  9. …an OK interview with Jones..but as an American, who has lived and worked all over the world (non military)…I'm tired of this bullshit and his references to the military…no, I don't respect the military…that's not a litmus test for well educated and well traveled Amercians…I know what this country does "first" hand…don't tell me about cultures and languages..I "live them" everyday…
    …and please, no more references to god….and sophmoric religious "words"…


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