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American Conservative magazine editor Scott McConnell discusses his revisiting of the Camp David Accords in light of Egypt’s new government that no longer guarantees friendly relations with Israel; how Carter and Brzezinski failed, despite a sincere effort, to achieve a comprehensive Mideast peace agreement and a Palestinian state; how the Israel lobby’s power waxes and wanes according to the election cycle; the US government’s chronic lack of resolve in risking a serious rift with Israel in order to break her diplomatic intransigence; how the lobby’s growth has been mirrored by a strengthened and increasingly well-informed opposition; and why, despite large numbers of settlements in the West Bank, a 2-state solution remains possible but difficult.

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Scott McConnell founded The American Conservative with Pat Buchanan and Taki Theodoracopulos in 2002. A history from Columbia University, he was formerly the editorial page editor of the New York Post and has been a columnist for and New York Press. His work has been published in Commentary, Fortune, National Review, The New Republic, and many other publications.

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  1. Although in fairness it has to be said that some of them do try.

    JFK, as records show, was preparing to send in the military to end Israel's nuclear ambitions. An aim that was quickly forgotten by 'the atatck on the USS liberty was an accident' L B J.

    Nixon wasn't too happy with Israel.

    Nor Carter.

    Bush I tried to restrain them and was even considering going on TV to inform the US public but warned off the idea.

    Clinton witheld aid and refused to attack Iraq, contrary to Israel's wishes, until forced to in order to put an end to cicus surroundin his sexual relationship with his jewish intern.

    History has taught US presidents that Israel is more important to them than there own people, which is probaly why US gives Isral billions each year that could easily be spent on inner cities or its pathetic health care system.

    The problem is that once a US politicain speaks out about Israel the media finds an excuse and then jumps on them, which begs the question, does the government control the media or the media control the government?

  2. Anyway, I'd just like to say that you forgot to mention that nearly 80% of all Israel's freshwater comes from land that it illegally occupied in the 6 day war. Even with this amount Israel still only has 50% of water per capita recommended by the UN for an Industrialised nation.

    The land of Palestine was never going to be a viable solution. The land the zionists were asking for in 1921, which extended, almost to Damascus, Aman, and north of the Litani River was only capable of supporting one third of the world's jews then.

    I'm sure there will be people that try refute the water situation but if you do a bit of research you'll find that around 45% comes from the Golan, 30% from the aqufers in WB and Gaza – which is now toxic due to its over use.

    Apart from the marvellous benefit package, which included legitamization of its occupation of Palestinian lands for up to 5 years, Israel returned the Sinai because it had no water and therefore was very difficult to settle. Now it is fed by water from the NIle and Egypt is not allow to protect it militarily………………..

  3. A republic is a system of government in which a few represent the entire nation. The AIPAC gang learned that they could gain control of the few who were elected to represent the entire nation. Once they got control of the few elected officials AIPAC became the defacto government of the United States. AIPAC learned to continue to spread its power to all elected office so you will see loyalty to Israel being raised in local mayor office races. A republic cannot exist with professional politician who are by nature owned by special interest groups. The USA is broke because all its wealth has been drained by those that as Sharon stated own the United States.

  4. There is more awareness among American citizens about the rtrue eason of misery in the Middle East. A growing anger has not spread to our cowardly media but more open discussions and comments are the first part of success in exposing Israel policies of oppresion and frightening influence on the congress. Playing a whining victim and milking the horror of events of WW II are becoming irrelevant and hypocritical leading to growing resentment toward more and more criminal behavior of Israel. History, however brutal, likes to repeat itself.

  5. I remember the time of the Camp David accords. I have to admit I was suspicious of Carter at the time. Since then I have learned that he was a man of integrity who really did want peace, possibly the last American president who actually wanted to make peace instead of keeping the cash cow of war going. Israel had just scored some awesome military victories, and they had just acquired nukes, and they were totally confident that the Zionist lobbies were going to keep the peaceniks at bay so they were experiencing a lot of hubris as they still are. They won't make peace unless at least one of their bases of power is violently shaken. The political parties are all tied up. The defense contractor lobbies don't want peace. The American people don't want to get deeply involved – they'll just go along with the superficial messages they get from the media. Best to ignore dilemmas and stay entertained.

  6. Open letter to

    I need to inform you that there is something wrong with my postings, either knowingly is removing it or Mr. Jason Ditz not posting or removing my posting after when is published. Non the less, it seams to me that has become a Islamic Brotherhood supporter then being a unbiased organization and against US and EU created wars all together.., is losing supporter supporting the cause by contributing their writing not being posted or removed? In the other hand it also seams to me that only publishes writings by those who are well known to and perhaps contribute economically and therefore they are first in line.., either way is a good source of information considering that all your news are a copy of news paper and news agencies.

    So where is the notion that is unbiased and not a ”Islamic brotherhood antiwar ” organization. I am not pro Islamic Brotherhood nor I support war and defiantly anti Israeli apartheid but I do support the facts that are presented by all those news agencies and write about them, gathering information and then writing about the issues.., for example…, After carefully studying the facts presented by your source of news I come to conclusion that.., Libyan rebels are nothing but a link to Islamic Brotherhood from Egypt and said so in my writing.., at the same time I think that Hillary Clinton, Sarkozi, senator Kerry and others been convinced that they well get a share of Libyan oil if Hillary Clinton support the Islamic Brotherhood which in return they will leave Israel alone.., when and if they become part of Egyptian government.., that which I am sure is been the reason for Mr. Jason Ditz posting my writing but removing it shortly after.., at the same I am convinced that all that support and engagements of Arab governments wanting to be part of bombing squad bombing Libya is yet another attempt by US and EU making sure that Arab nationals are at war with each other then defending themselves against US, EU and Israel, one more thing.., there is a mystery which is the timing of when a posting done.., mine been saying 59 minutes ago .., which makes me wonder when posting is done how is it possible that is done 59 minutes ago…? having said that, for sure is changing and I don’t want to be part of that change.

    1. Jamal,

      You'd be wrong on several counts but that doesn't seem to stop you.

      Now, I am going to do you the great kindness of deleting at least two more of these multiple postings.

  7. It's a colossal disgrace that the U.S. Government subordinates itself–indeed, grovels–to Israel, that criminal Zionist entity. But then, that's only one of many ways in which the U.S. has gone badly wrong.

    When future historians are puzzling over the ruin of the United States, they'll have plenty to think about.

    1. Unfortunately, all governments appear to be criminal in nature given this organism's monopolistic hold on the usage of violence and its ability to tax–that is, steal–in order to subsidize said violence with impunity.

  8. Ariel Sharon sent his puppet Bush to Iraq and the cost is in the $trillions in the next 25 years.
    Another zionist has been pushing for another adventure in Iran that will cost more $trillions so that the empire can collapse ASAP! Who controls America??????

  9. Fingerpointing achieves nothing.Blaming the Israelis is futile , do they hold a gun over your elected leaders, if you americans can not hold your represantatives to put your country first then bad luck.Times are changing & in a decade or 2 we will have a multipolar world.Soon USA will loose its prestige, when you don't walk the talk you may become a laughing stock.China also has plenty of land it needs to reocupy that belonged to it 2000 years ago, so when they develop the teeth they may bite then. They will then support Israel who will then not need USA.

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