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Robert Naiman, Policy Director at Just Foreign Policy, discusses Gen. David Petraeus’s “progress” report (contradicted by US intelligence analysts) to Congress for the Afghan War review; polls that show Americans are turning against the war as the Paul-Kucinich-Jones resolution gains support; rhetoric vs. reality on the July 2011 troop drawdown; and why measurements of “success” are only cynically manipulated statistics, as everyone – especially Petraeus – knows the war is a lost cause.

MP3 here. (19:59)

Robert Naiman is Policy Director at Just Foreign Policy. Mr. Naiman edits the Just Foreign Policy daily news summary and writes on U.S. foreign policy at Huffington Post. He is president of the board of Truthout. Naiman has worked as a policy analyst and researcher at the Center for Economic and Policy Research and Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch. He has masters degrees in economics and mathematics from the University of Illinois and has studied and worked in the Middle East.

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  1. O is an indecisive empty suit….. Except when you oppose him. Then he gets stubborn & will not back down. That's what happened with Bradley Manning & that's what will happen with the Afghan war. The more he is opposed, the more he will dig in his heals about staying. Or, like W, double down with another surge.

  2. Sophocles said it best a couple of thousand years ago: "it is the merit of a general to impart good news and to conceal the truth" – in other words to LIE about how the war is being LOST!
    The war in Afghanistan was lost the day the first American soldier invaded that country which has the well earned reputationas "the graveyard of soldiers and of empires".
    Sadly – the White House, the Congress, and the Pentagon are all being run by war criminals and gangsters.

    1. Well, I'm still running into fellow vet who claim the US didn't lose in Viet Nam. Ask'em who holds the battlefield and they can't change the subject quick enough.

    2. Bro, you got that right!!! Petraeus is just another Prima Donna who hopes to lead the war criminals you aptly described…. And according to the mainstream corporate media that buys into, echos and amplifies Petraeus' PR message machine, this is "our best" General.
      "America" is already over and done with!!!!!

  3. Petraeus is a four-star hack, a neocon in uniform. He's disdainful of the truth. He's destined to be the General Westmoreland of Afghanistan.

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