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Jesse Rosenfeld, a Canadian freelance journalist based in Ramallah and Tel Aviv, discusses why Israel doesn’t tolerate peaceful and democratic protests any more than armed resistance; the Palestinian grassroots movement for national identity and unity – in defiance of their corrupt leadership; Netanyahu’s warning that a Palestinian unity organization would kill the peace process; and the scarcity and unequal distribution of water in Israel and the occupied territories.

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Jesse Rosenfeld is a Canadian freelance journalist based in Ramallah and Tel Aviv. He is an editor of

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  1. The 'peace process' ? – only a blind and deaf and dumb person would believe that there is any serious peace process.
    The only peace that Israel wants is to kill all of the Arabs and to steal all of their lands.

    1. And where are your comments on the recent story of a Jewish family being murdered by an member of Fatah's own armed wing? Did they deserve to die? And why do Hamas members hide among Palestinian civilians?

      1. mah29001;
        How do you know they were killed by Fatah? The Israeli press? I'm sure they are objective (sarcastic).
        BTW, Hamas is a legitimate organization, democratically elected. People like you try to demonize them because they will not submit to the Israeli jack-boot and become their stooges the way Abbas and the PA has.

          1. To the people who gave me a minus two…if bin Laden were elected as a leader, I am sure you'd support him…

          2. Yep, I bet Al Capone could use you guys to help legitimize him if he were elected to a political office, say, wait a second, don't mobsters already do just that? Hamas is no different, and you people don't seem to care about it.

      2. Please do not exploit such tragedy for cheap political points. The insane people take their toll world-over. And most of the time, their families, neighbors, coworkers know that the person needs mental health treatment. But talking of "Fatah's armed wing" in this context is insane. And how, pray, can Hamas members "hide" among Palestinian civilians? They ARE Palestinian civilians, elected in legitimate elections. If some countries are unwilling to recognize them for whatever reasons, that is their prerogative. But to portray Hamas as some zombies hiding among civilians is science fiction.

        1. An eleven-year-old Jewish boy was butchered by the terrorist, and on his door he said He Loved Everybody.

          That doesn't sound like what these Israeli settlers are up to…doesn't it? You're the one who makes the cheap shots.

          1. You mean a terrorist like holy rabbi Yousef Falay who called on IDF to kill all Palestinian males over the age of 13? Or Baruch Goldstein? Or another God fearing terrorist rabbi Ovadia Yosef? Perhaps rabbi Dov Lior? Or Mordehai Eliyahu? Need more? Would you really advise Palestinians to wait for extermination? If reason for Israel is God's promise of the land and those displaced know that the religious leaders of the occupants encourage these atrocities, it is not surprising that human reaction is to fight for survival.
            No, the above names are not exceptions; these are not the "bad apples". These represent occupants and their conviction of superiority. Does it ring a bell?

          2. So you'd ignore the story of ONE innocent eleven-year-old Jewish boy being murdered by a terrorist who happens to be a Palestinian…but you whine more about someone who'd obviously isn't an Islamic radical doing the same?

            My God, you people are morons.

          3. Hiding behind the horror of holocaust? Again and again? Milking that atrocity and using it as a tool of business of politics is disgusting to say the least. Those who deny holocaust will not change their mind regardless of any laws or condemnations. Neither those God "fearing" rabbis and their followers will change their views of Arabs. Condemn both; otherwise the weight of this type of argument is of a cheap merchant's selling fake gold. Be honest and fair or simply shut up. It's always a good option.

      3. mah there has been nothing but comments on this horrible act, but nobody has yet found who did it, and the Palestinian factions have denied it. Hundreds of palestinian children have been killed by IDF, including two today "by accident". Hamas members are civilians, live in a crowded strip of land completely controlled by Israel. They joined the electoral process and were elected to power, but many have been kidnapped and remain in Israeli prisons. Only some are "militants", but they have no right to self-defence, while Israel is an illegal occupier loased with weapons. Why is Israel terrified of peace?

        1. Please stop denying the truth here…don't try to protect those Palestinian factions who admit it, then use dupes like you to cover up their atrocity.

  2. It's a colossal disgrace that the U.S. Government grovels to Israel, that criminal Zionist entity. Israel has treated the U.S., its sugar daddy, with supreme contempt over the decades ("Lavon Affair" in 1954, U.S.S. LIBERTY in '67, theft of nuclear materals, unlimited espionage, murder of American citizens (Rachel Corrie and the Gaza aid flotilla), blah blah blah. What does Uncle Chump do? Nothing, except to ask, "What do you little Zionist darlings need now?"

    Now, I'm not saying this will happen, but if the U.S. Government ever gets around to (gasp!) putting America's interests first, it can cut Israel the hell off America's apron strings (while telling NuttyYahoo to perform a certain biological feat on himself).

      1. mah why don't you try to be fair and keep to the point; You are so filled with hate and prejudice, going on about terrorists when your people are the experts in terror, murder, media manipulation, lies. You have the whole USA under israel's foot, all the finance industry. Why don't you just enjoy your dominance and stop being the eternal victim.

        1. Apparently you're the one who is filled with hate…where is your outrage with the recent bus bombing that killed one Israeli woman? That's okay, right? But when Israeli responds, you whine about it.

  3. note the date and tell me if anything has changed from this entry in the diary of Moshe Sharett, the second prime minister of Israel:

    In August 18 1948, Moshe Sharett wrote to Chaim Weizmann, explaining the Israeli government's determination to block the Palestinian Arab refugees' return:
    "With regard to the refugees, we are determined to be adamant while the war lasts. Once the return tide starts, it will be impossible to stem it, and it will prove our undoing. As for the future, we are equally determined to explore all possibilities of getting rid, once and for all, of the huge [Palestinian] Arab minority [referring to the Palestinian Israeli citizens of Israel ] which originally threatened us. What can be achieved in this period of storm and stress [referring to the 1948 war] will be quite unattainable once conditions get stabilized. A group of people [headed by Yosef Weitz] has already started working on the study of resettlement possibilities [for the Palestinian refugees] in other lands . . . What such permanent resettlement of 'Israeli' Arabs in the neighboring territories will mean in terms of making land available in Israel for settlement of our own people requires no emphasis." (Benny Morris, p. 149-150 & Simha Flapan, p. 105)

  4. The Israeli government and Netanyahu are the biggest joke on this planet. We are going to laugh them off the stage. Idiots can't stand to be laughed at. The USG is a simultaneous target of laughter. Don't believe me? Why do they torture a 22 year old army private, Bradley Manning? Because he laughed at them. He is the first of us to shake off fear! Thus, we are emboldened and inspired. Here we come…hang on Bradley!

    1. So now you're going to blame Israel for torturing Bradley Manning, even when it's reality the U.S. government that's doing it? Gee, and here some websites like would lie to say Bradley Manning is an "Israeli spy" for his affiliation with WikiLeaks.

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