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Lew Rockwell, founder and Chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, discusses the “Naked Aggression Against Libya;” fighting for control of oil resources on behalf of the MIC and US empire; the triumvirate of women promoting and commanding the Libyan war effort; Egypt’s tough slog to freedom and liberty following Mubarak’s ouster; and how democracy, as applied to foreign countries, means little more than the freedom to vote for the candidate chosen by the US.

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Lew Rockwell is the founder and Chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, Vice President of the Center for Libertarian Studies in Burlingame, California, and publisher of the political Web site LewRockwell.com. He is the author of The Left, The Right and The State and served as Ron Paul’s congressional chief of staff between 1978 and 1982. Check out his podcast show here.

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  1. The Taliban had nothing to do with 9/11. No Afghans were on the planes. But the Taliban were guests of honor in Texas. They couldn´t agree on the pipeline. Moreover, the Taliban wanted to give the contract to an Argentinian firm ! Now they have built 400 kms of it and Karzai agreed to permanent bases along Trans-Afghan Pipeline to bring oil and gas from five countries north of Afghanistan through Afghanistan and Pakistan to Karachi to go to United Bluff by ship. The soldiers die for oil and gas, nothing else.

    1. That is why Libya is such an attractive target. No need for intervention in Bahrain. As long as our friends rule we can look the other way when they shoot protesters. Can't wait for Sudi revolt. It will happen. We will bomb, like Libya. The protesters, this time.

    2. You are informed and are absolutely correct! – the Afghan war is ALL about that pipeline!
      As per the author of the book – "War is a Racket" – written by twice awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor Marine Smedley Butler – wars are fought for the profits of Corporate America!

        1. White Gold.
          Record production.
          High tech processing facilities in the opium fields have NOT been immediately destroyed.
          Richard Armitage the facilitator of the Vietnam Heroin operations became undersecretary of the army under bush w.
          Drugs finance the cia.
          White Gold, Black Gold an ENDLE$$ $UPPLY OF MONEY for ENDLE$$ WAR$.
          Blood money.

  2. I have to disagree – there's not much evidence that even the Iraq War was about 'taking control of the oil' – read any article you like about it – here's a recent one: Foreign State-Owned Energy Companies Dominating Iraq's Oil Revolution, Leaving U.S. Ambitions In The Dust: http://www.businessinsider.com/sovereign-backed-o

    Clearly the U.S., if it wanted to push the issue, could simply keep the foreign oil corporations out, tell the Iraqi govt. which firms to give the oil contracts to, and sell it back to the U.S. at below market prices.

    That is what a traditional, imperialist, "war for oil" would look like. That is NOT happening. It's also not what's happening in Libya – Gaddafi was and is willing to sell the oil at market rates, and let U.S. corporations do business in Libya. The "war for oil" meme is great for mental midgets like Lew Rockwell who like simple, pat ideologies like "war for oil" or "markets always good, governments always bad."

    If anything, the wars seem to be purely political – giving the MIC something to do for pure kickbacks, and based on a dubious strategy of giving the U.S. a "land base" in the Middle East from which to to intimidate the region. Mike Ruppert's theory that the neo-cons were worried about 'peak oil' and that the plan is more to keep oil in the ground in Iraq than it is to pump it sure seems more plausible than the 'war to steal oil' – where's the oil? Been to a gas station recently?

    Instability in Libya (which would have been avoided if Qaddafi had been allowed to take Benghazi and start the genocide of his opponents last week) would have been far better for the oil exports. The no-fly zone is extending the instability and slowing oil exports – the exact opposite of the knee-jerk 'war for oil' theory. Furthermore, there'd have to be a ground invasion if the U.S. hoped to dictate the Loyalists or the Rebel's economic policies – and there are no signs of this.

    Again, what seems to be happening in Libya is that the MIC sees an opportunity to do something that has political support, so they go with it. They've got a 'job opportunity,' and they're going to go for it – simple as that -probably not much long-term strategic thinking going on (fascism is terrible at that). Although I think the MIC needs to be abolished and war making powers taken away from The President and Congress and given to the people via referendum, I can't think of anyone nicer for those bombs to drop on than Qaddafi and his rats.

    1. well,mister infidel "mental giant" castro,your "theories" are as good as anybodys. maybe the war is about defending the dollar? who knows… but one thing is certain; there is a nicer bunch of people to drop bombs on,and they reside in washington and london.

  3. Lew Rockwell? Mr. "We're all gonna die from radiation"? That fascist lickspittle would say or do anything to avoid working for a living. His website has turned me (lifelong libertarian) into a socialist. Why? Because the humanitarian/antiwar angle is just a front. His financial backing comes from the far right which is dedicated to "peak oil" and feudalism. Lew, exacting man that he is, would ask for "details". Read his web site, and after you sift through the anti-war and anti-police state window dressing, you'll get down to cold hard fascism. It has taken me 25 years to figure it out, but Ron Paul is just one man. He never can or will accomplish anything on his own. The frauds who like to bask in his honor are like wolves in sheep's clothing.

    1. Are you truly that big of an idiot? I've read his website for years and have as of yet to see Lew Rockwell endorse any sort of statism whatsoever. He's an anarcho-capitalist you moron. How the hell can an anarcho-capitalist be a big government fascist? LOL!

      This comes under the heading of…"come on man!"

      1. Statism and Feudalism are two different things. My "socialism" really only started after Lew's transformation into a nuclear engineer. Actually, I don't believe socialism is good, I just think it is more "honest" and "consistent" in "practice" than so-called "libertarianism".

        Lew has no more integrity than Brian Williams. They both are a product of the "market". Lew doesn't endorse statism, but "feudalism" is really the opposite of statism. "Fascism" is in the eye of the beholder. For me, fascism is a government that exists for the benefit of the upper class. Libertarianism is great in theory, but listen to Glenn Beck or read Mark Skousen if you want to know where "American Libertarianism" is headed.

        America will lose social security, thanks to the Lew Rockwells of the world, and still have the wars and police state thanks to the pragmatic Hillary Clintons of the world!

        Personally, I plan to be re-incarnated as a seal, so I don't give a crap anymore!

        1. Apparently you have read very little of Lew Rockwell's writing. I've been reading him for more than 10 years and Lew advocates "no government" otherwise known as "anarchy". Get that? Feudalism is NOT anarchy. Lew hates the state whether it is headed by a president or a king.

          Glenn Beck is not a libertarian and anyone who thinks he is knows not one whit about libertarianism. It sounds like you are making up your own definitions of what words like "facism" and "libertarian" mean.

          America will "lose" social security because it is a Ponzi scheme and Ponzi schemes always collapse.

  4. @Sean;
    Your attempt to smear Lew as a "fascist lickspittle" shows how much of an ignoramus you are. You must be some neo-con Zionist hasbara lurking in dark alleys waiting to defame anyone that doesn't kowtow to your belief system. Also, how do you know where Lew's funding comes from? You don't of course. You are a piece of filth and deserve to be flushed down Life's toilet.

    1. Zionist hasbara? I wish I was on the payroll of Zion! No, I can't prove where Lew's funding comes from. Can you? Let's have Ol' Lew open up his books, eh? Have you read the "Daily Reckoning" that he slavishly publishes? Have you ever read such ass kissing to the upper class?

      Besides, the whole "peak oil" line makes me sick to my stomach. When I was in elementary school (during the 70's oil shock), we were taught that the world would run out of oil by the year 2000. These were govt approved text books.

      But hey, if you want to believe in Old Lew, go ahead. In fact, send him some money, so you can believe he is subsisting off beans and rice with your contributions.

  5. I'm a big fan of antiwar.com and have been stopping here to catch up on the news every morning for a long time now. But as someone who has been living in the Middle East for 20 years, I have to say that the views on current events in the Middle East are misinformed. Unfortunately, most of us know next to nothing about Libya, but I would encourage people to find out from Libyans themselves what life is like under Qaddafi's rule. The oppression, torture and killing is at a level that is hard for us to even believe. The average Libyan is terrified to speak out against the government, but now Libyans – in the East, at least, are feeling that it's worth it; they also know that they've crossed a line, and if Qaddafi gains control over them again, he will massacre them. One is entitled to his or her opinion, but it shouldn't be based on misconceptions. I notice that even Eric Margolis – someone I've always considered one of the best – seems to be almost a defender of Qaddafi, always reminiscing about his meetings with him…

    1. But what is that to the U.S. ? Nothing at all !. Pretty simple. The Yankee Government wants to make tthe U.S. get involved.

  6. I am a big fan of AntiWar.com, Scott Horton and Lew Rockwell. When I hear Lew tell listeners, "Don't believe one word they say," I know I've come to the right place. Someone today commented that, "Computers and the Internet haven't made you any money, Morley." I replied, "That true, but they have made me a lot smarter." The time has come for us to join the Arab Spring. We deserve to be free too.

  7. winston …you are an idiot ! social security a ponzi scheme ? no asshole.! ..it was stolen to fund the wars. you`re a good murkin ! and jerk, that`s no compliment !

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