James Ridgeway


James Ridgeway, Senior Washington Correspondent for Mother Jones, discusses the general detainment conditions in US prisons, in light of Bradley Manning’s mistreatment; the “Angola 3” prisoners held in solitary confinement for almost four decades; the forgotten Eighth Amendment to the Constitution; using solitary confinement as a baseline condition, rather than a temporary punitive measure; why prison culture is indicative of extreme American ignorance or just barbarism; and the few politicians willing to stick their necks out for indicted criminals, for little to no political gain.

MP3 here. (26:12)

James Ridgeway is Senior Washington Correspondent for Mother Jones, where he writes both articles for the magazine and a weekly web column on MotherJones.com. He also writes pieces for the Guardian and CounterPunch, and collaborates on original short videos.

Ridgeway served as Washington Correspondent for the Village Voice for more than thirty years, where he wrote the weekly “Mondo Washington” column, as well as features on national and international politics. As part of his broad-based national reporting, he became known for his writing on the American right wing, from the mainstream conservative movement to the racist far-right. He also reported on international stories, from the coup in Haiti to the democratic revolution in Eastern Europe.

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  1. I'm glad to hear about this effort. I have long thought that solitary is one of the cruelest form of torture, yet rarely read anything about it. And more generally, the U.S. prison system stinks, but is again, very poorly covered, as near as I can tell.

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