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John V. Walsh, frequent contributor to, discusses his article “Impeach Obama: A Challenge to Tea Partiers and Antiwar Liberals;” the two-party partisan trap that causes incessant infighting and diverts attention from the real problems; how Obama’s decision to militarily intervene in yet another Sunni Muslim country virtually guarantees more blowback; looking at the UN Libya vote in terms of the represented populations for and against intervention, which turns the 10-5 vote on its head; and how China’s foreign policy indicates the 21st century will be more about economics than warfare.

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John V. Walsh is a scientist who lives in Cambridge, Mass. He is a frequent contributor to and

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  1. Obama is arrogant. Good for Walsh. Some senior member of the senate and house, like House GOP leader are just skipping along like its a-ok. What arrogant fools. Like Lew Rockwell says they love to spend, and they just want to turn on the printing presses and devalue the dollar.

  2. impeach! Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! Every president from the time he steps in office should worry about impeachment. Not only Obama should be impeached, but the next three or four presidents who are elected should be impeached. Throwing the bums out, is the only way to cut the presidency down to size. It would also help if a few presidents were thrown in prison for a very long time, or better yet, swung from the end of a rope attached to thier neck.

  3. The COWARDS and the TRAITORS in our US Congress will do NOTHING regarding Obama's illegal war with Libya and his trashing of the US Constitution.

  4. Righto. Like picketing a member of congress makes any diff anymore.

    Kuncinich folds any time an alpha males stares him down, or sooner. He becomes more of a laughing stock every day.

    So name names. Who are the members of the House who might be persuadable.

    I'd love to impeach O, but it will never happen.

    1. I understand your anger. I personally am not turning on
      This struggle has just began. People are rising up all over the political spectrum. This is going to be a back and forth fight. Obama apologists, and Republican-any war-is-ok will be ramping up their pro-Obama propaganda. Their arguments will fail.
      Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) had been circulating a resolution "[e]xpressing the sense of Congress that the President is required to obtain in advance specific statutory authorization for the use of United States Armed Forces in response to civil unrest in Libya." The measure was supported by Reps. Michael Honda (D-Calif.) and John Conyers (D-Mich.), among others.

      Rep. Tim Johnson (R-Ill.) called Obama a "new war-mongering president who's belied everything he stands for and everything we thought we stood for."
      "Every six hours we have another billion-dollar deficit," said Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, R-Md., a member of the House Armed Services Committee. "This could cost us a billion dollars there, which means simply another billion-dollar debt that our kids, our grandkids and our great-grandkids are going to have to pay back."
      The Pentagon is expected to cover the cost of the no-fly zone in its current budget. In a classified briefing for congressional staff Tuesday, officials from the State Department, Pentagon and Treasury were pressed on the cost. They declined to address the issue."The Pentagon really needs to do this on the cheap," said Loren Thompson, head of the Virginia-based Lexington Institute and adviser to several major defense contractors. "If someone suggests more money to do the Libyan operation, most voters would say, `Let's not do the Libyan operation.'"
      Stay tuned for the Defund Libya bill

      UPDATE: Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) had been circulating a resolution "[e]xpressing the sense of Congress that the President is required to obtain in advance specific statutory authorization for the use of United States Armed Forces in response to civil unrest in Libya." The measure was supported by Reps. Michael Honda (D-Calif.) and John Conyers (D-Mich.), among others.

  5. Besides, wasn't there an amedment to the constitution that sez that every U.S. emperor has to throw out a bully in a country he knows nothing about?

    Like W who had to best his father with an Iraq do-over, O has to best his spiritual father, Raygun, with a Libya do-over.

  6. Should O-Bomb-a be impeached? Shit, yes! Will it happen? Nope.

    Remember, this is the same House of Representatives that turns a blind eye to everything the Warmonger-in-Chief does. (Besides, didn't they just vote to continue funding the Afghanistan war? Yeah, they're just the types who'll impeach O-Bomb-a.)

    The U.S. Government is f–ked up. It may be beyond redemption. It's certainly worth thinking about nullification, about secession. . . .

  7. 1- Mr. President.., there is no such thing as “success” in any wars.., depending on how you personally defining the word “success”.., however there is devastation, bombing a country to ground.., occupation and murdering people.., if this is your definition of “Success”.., then you are correct, you have succeeded to have a war under your name.., as George W. Bush.., with your allies this time you have succeeded to start another war in Libya.., if this was your “success mission” convincing the Noble peace academy to grant your doctrine a “peace” Nobel price..,

  8. 2- I think they have a moral, social and political obligation to demand for you to return the medal.., if they don’t then they are not worthy in being called a “Peace” in anything.., at the same time there is another question.., what is different between your doctrine and George W. Bush and his cabinet of politicians.., or lets ask you this.., now that you have proven that there is no such thing as functioning democracy but a militarism regime working to create wars.., why wouldn’t you dismantle the Democratic party all together.., as Gorbachev did with USSR and let people decide what is democracy and what is not.., perhaps then we the people would have a peace and not war policies hanging on our door each and every time people vote for a change and look what they got this time.., it took two years for your doctrine to become what it really is and was.., another war.., another bombing of a country.., another classic devastation made possible by USA.

  9. 3- There is no way for me to trust democrats no matter which side of isle they are, there is no way for your sweet ways mimicking Dr. Martin Luther King speeches which would convince me to vote for Democrats next time around.., and that goes for Republicans as well. US and EU policies is a falsified democracy since the Balkan wars if not before.., and you know it.., so as Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Ms. Power.., you just repeating what Bill Clinton started and George W. Bush in Middle East.., this time in Africa.., did these Ladies report to you or for that matter their approaching the UN.., that this war is not about a freedom of a nation but is about Saudis, Kuwaitis, Arab Emirates and Muslim Brotherhood whom are financed by Saudis..,

  10. 4- Al Qaeda operating in Libya as we speak.., which been proven that they are cooperating with Libyan “rebels” as we speak.., have you read that report or secretary Clinton informed you about that.., if you really and truly care Mr. President you need to end all US wars as you promised.., then and only then we the people can trust you.., until then good luck convincing people around the world that US policies is about democracy. In regard to Libya.., if no one else would the BP would thank you very much.

  11. Nano thermite was found at WTC by 9 scientists, one of them Niels Harrit, Uni of Copenhagen. Did OBL have access to nano thermite or is that exclusively for the CIA and the MOSSAD to use ?

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