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Karen Greenberg, executive director of the New York University Center on Law and Security, discusses her TomDispatch article, “America’s Growing Intolerance:
How ‘Enemy Creep’ Is Guantanamo-izing America
;” the mainstream American pastime of reviling Muslims and misunderstanding jihad; calling out intolerance to correct misplaced blame, not to scold politically incorrect speech; why “humanitarianism” and “democracy” are just words that give the US a blank check for militarism; and a federal judge’s effective endorsement of torture during the sentencing of Ahmed Ghailani, who was convicted on 1 of 284 counts related to the 1998 Africa embassy bombings.

MP3 here. (18:23)

Karen Greenberg is the executive director of the New York University Center on Law and Security, the author of The Least Worst Place: Guantanamo’s First One Hundred Days, and editor of The Torture Debate in America.

7 thoughts on “Karen Greenberg”

  1. How could she not anticipated renewed racism in the U.S. with its first A-A prez. How naive could she possibly be.

    O is a real threat to some U.S. white males.

    And at least some of the racism directed toward Muslims is deflected from O.

    1. "O is a real threat to some U.S. white males. "

      Virtually the entire political class and political apparatus is a threat to Americans regardless of the race or sex of the White house occupant.

      1. That's a different subject than the one in this post, which is racism.

        Having said that, I wouldn't disagree with your larger point.

  2. But the U.S. public has been assured that risks ARE manageable. The risks of nuke power plants built on earthquake faults, to pick one specific example.

    Follow the $$$$. The risks that are or aren't chosen as manageable depend directly on campaign contributions.

  3. Why no discussion of who lies at the core of this raging intolerance. The same faction which now controls the Pentagon and the Security industry complex. Who will restrain anti-intellectual mega churches marketing hatred, the KKK gone mainstream.

    So now we have wayward Florida pastors provoking blowback from destitute Afghan civilians reduced by NATO night raids and heroin trading warlords

  4. Wonderful interview as always. Should be heard by millions.

    Karen mentions that some Americans claim that “Predators are humane”.

    Extra-judicial robot killing of individuals all over the planet with no regard for law is humane?

    America, put the crack pipe down and

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