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Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), author of Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom, discusses the slow escalation and deepening US commitment in Libya; why Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Obama administration, not Congress, ultimately control the government’s purse-strings; and how a failed impeachment vote (and it would definitely fail) on Obama’s unconstitutional war in Libya would effectively empower him further.

MP3 here. (10:22)

Congressman Ron Paul represents Texas’s 14th district. He is the author of The Revolution: A Manifesto, A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship and End the Fed. His archived columns for are here.

10 thoughts on “Rep. Ron Paul”

  1. the average American, loves the uniform…they love the NFL, NHL, MLB…
    …not to mention American Idol…pop culture + hand guns+ …frankly, the American
    is a violent, incredibly ignorant human being…

  2. Barack Hussein Obama is a 'buffoon' – a very dangerous buffoon who is leading America down the path to destruction. He is a LIAR!
    As to the American people / 'sheep'? – dumbed down, dumb, ignorant, cowardly, ill informed and uninformed – a nation of drug users, obese, fat, dumb and happy – NEVER going to 'rebel' or 'protest' against the gang of war criminals in D.C; in the White House and in the Congress.
    Of course, we are a "Christian nation" – aren't we? One can tell by the way we attack, bomb, kill, and destroy countries that have NOT attacked nor threatened the US!

  3. as long as (we) the people
    do not ever give up our struggle to obtain
    real liberty we will all be ok.
    lord willing.

    Are people willing to go the distance though?
    whatever it takes. makes me wonder sometimes.

    pray for guidance
    is all i can say.

  4. Nah, "average" Americans are not happy. Not by a long shot. If you're supporting the wrong stuff like that, you CANNOT be happy. It is impossible. The visible wrongness matches the inner wrongness, and that means: pain.

    Americans are in pain, one way or another. Those who support the path of the nation are in pain. Those who don't support that path are in pain because they see the nation going down and mostly don't know what to do about it.

  5. I hope to G-d the govt shuts down, when the soldiers stop getting a paycheck, then they might as well reject orders to fight these stupid wars that inevitably make a normal citizen madly insane and dirt poor.

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