Doug Weir


Dour Weir of the Campaign Against Depleted Uranium discusses the likelihood that depleted uranium weapons are being used in Libya; the DU rounds commonly used by A-10 and Harrier jets against armored targets; the long lasting health risks from dust and chemical toxicity; and why the military seems to be slowly shifting away from DU weapons.

MP3 here. (19:04)

Doug Weir is a Development Worker for the Campaign Against Depleted Uranium and the International Coordinator for the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (ICBUW). He holds a degree in Geology and a post-graduate degree in Journalism.

5 thoughts on “Doug Weir”

  1. How many Muslim nations will the Evfil Empire pollute with these weapons of reproductive genetic destruction..??

    1. Does anybody remember of bombings Yugoslavia with depleted uranium in
      1999? The people of the area will never forget or forgive.

  2. Of course we are using depleted uranium.

    Depleted uranium, by the way, is the primary reason we want to stop iran obtaining nuclear power plants. Depleted uranium weapons can defeat all armored vehicles.

    Depleted uranium under goes spontaneous combustion when exposed to air. They are encased in a material which isolates them from the air until impact.

    1. Which I suppose is WHY the US Military uses it as part of the Armour on Abrams Tanks,

      They use DU because of its denseness it is much heavier and harder than lead.

  3. Is Fallujah a Pentagon experiment ? Who ordered and who did the attack on Fallujah with DU weapons are evil monsters. Ban all use of DU weapons now.

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