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Antoinette Bonsignore, a regular blogger for NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, discusses her truthout article, “The Military’s Rape and Sexual Assault Epidemic;” the harassment and threats heaped on military rape victims – men and women – who dare to report the crimes; the culture of impunity for offenders, aided by a woefully deficient (by design) investigative and oversight apparatus; the class action lawsuit brought against Donald Rumsfeld and Robert Gates for their failure to address the problem; and how you can take action to make the military accountable for sexual assaults within the ranks.

MP3 here. (18:44)

Antoinette Bonsignore, J.D., is a Seattle based workers’ rights advocate most recently focused on worker compensation issues. She is a regular blogger for NARAL Pro-Choice Washington. She lives in Redmond, WA.

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    1. Bollox. Most positions in any army are non-combat. Anyway, you can be sure they rape the local women whenever they get a chance, too.

  1. The underlying basis for this problem is the military's ideology which is based upon a kind of distorted Darwinism: the myth of the weak and the strong. We want our military to be strong and not weak. Therefore we must root out the weak by terrorizing them, victimizing them and then only the strong will survive. It is this basic paranoid ideology that drives the military. That's why they're crushing Bradley Manning too. Conscience is the ultimate sign of weakness. Their belief is that weakness will destroy the military.

  2. who fucking cares? You get paid the same amount of money as me so my raping you is justifiable? That's ludicrous.

    It is a problem of command. When you assume responsibility for those of subordinate rank, you are not judge and jury.

    In the 1950s it was not right for one soldier to abuse another because of the color of their skin. It happened. It ended when there was open revolt in the ranks (resulting in the all volunteer army). This latest epidemic will be dealt with when female soldiers (who do have guns) begin assasinating the perpetrators.

  3. If you know any young women who are considering joining the imperial army, because they need the work, or because they're at loose ends, perhaps the threat of rape and possible murder by comrades can keep them away from the forces of evil.

  4. Quoting Davis 4 Peace: "If you know any young women who are considering joining the imperial army, because they need the work, or because they're at loose ends, perhaps the threat of rape and possible murder by comrades…" will persuade them to do what nature inteneded them to do, stay home, cook and raise children. I remember a story about our troops in the far East. They were raising hell when on shore leave and the city fathers compained to the commander of the troops that their daughters were being, whatever…. The commander cut them short and told them that his soldiers were fighters. "Show me a soldiers who does not f__ck and I'll show you a soldier who will not fight." And that was the end of it. Our young women should think twice before they go and upset an old custom in the military. :-)))

    1. The US just invaded Libya according to the logic of humanitarian intervention warmed over at the UN as R2P, or "responsibility to protect". Those in the military will go absolutely red in the face attesting to their role as protectors. Because of this putative role, people will trip over themselves to shake a young man's hands on a plane or in a restaurant. However, if we all had the courage to strip away the romantic, propagandized slime from our eyes, we'd all see an emperor without clothes who believes in nothing but force–isn't that right? That's your institution. One that winks and nudges at a tacit "custom" of raping women. Do you know the definition of hypocrisy? It means professing something one doesn't really believe.

  5. All those "conservative" parents never tell their boys "don't rape the women"! Probably they pretend sex doesn't exist until their kid is pregnant or diseased, and then throw them out of the home!

  6. Neither the officers or the other ranks are properly trained or disciplined. The army's been recruiting retards, sociopaths, jailbirds, etc., for quite some time. Probably the junior officers are not a lot better. Washington disciplined his men quite severely and didn't allow them to commity atrocities. He was quite prepared to kill them if they did. Likewise the Union Army and the CSA. The Union army shot it's criminals quite frequently, usually sitting in their coffins. The firing squads were from their own units and the entire regiment watched in ranks. I believe the CSA did similar things. Nowadays, rapist/murderers get off with a couple years in jail, at most. Lt. Calley got a hero's welcome from his hometown.

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