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Shaukat Qadir, retired Pakistani Army brigadier and university instructor, discusses his CounterPunch article, “How Anarchy Beats Out Tradition: Two or Three Things You Need to Know About Afghanistan;” how Afghanistan’s traditional tribal system has been gradually destroyed over the last 30 years; the brief egalitarian period of Taliban rule before Osama bin Laden’s influence wrought a draconian enforcement of social and religious customs; the strange bedfellows in Afghanistan’s incredibly profitable heroin trade; Lieutenant General Mahmud Ahmed’s alleged donation to the 9/11 hijackers and his jockeying for Pervez Musharraf’s job; how US forces could have really liberated a ready-and-willing Afghanistan, if not for their overweening arrogance; why Pakistan is not too worried about Indian influence in Afghanistan, contra Eric Margolis; President Obama’s lack of fortitude on demanding that the military end the war; and why “they” hate us: not for our freedom (which has all but evaporated), but for taking away their freedom.

MP3 here. (29:21)

Shaukat Qadir is a retired brigadier and a former president of the Islamabad Policy Research Institute.

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  1. "If the US had just handled it right, and the people are fed up with the Taliban…It was a priceless opportunity. Unfortunately, the US military is so damn arrogant…Unfortunately, they believe that their firepower is the last answer to every question, and they go wrong. …They could of just walked in, and everyone would of kissed them. They just came in with the Northern alliance and gave them total freedom ….George W. Bush said wipe them off the F***ing face of the earth" says retired Brigadier Shaukat Qadir.
    American Pentagon and career nation-builder-idiots had Afghanistan population sympathetic and they blew it, its what many have been saying for years. Now its nine years. Afghanistan could of been a win, but Cheney/ Bush's revenge against Iraq had to screw up our county's foreign policy. Now, Obama for whatever has depended it

  2. Scott, that was the best interview ANY journalist could ever conduct re any of our colossally failed wars.

    What came out is the the civilian US leaderships is unable to control the Defense industrys covert designs and Barry Biden are just platitude mouthing sock puppets awed by the uniforms.

    Thanx for the surprising insight in this interview and the blunt truth from a smart tired but wise retired general

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