Scott Horton Interviews Adam Morrow

Scott Horton, April 12, 2011

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Adam Morrow, journalist with IPS News, discusses the renewed Tahrir Square protests in Egypt, where demands are being made for a complete purge of Mubarak’s cronies from the government; evidence of a brewing counterrevolution, where false flag attacks are used to incite violence and discredit the uprising; why the endurance of protesters – who have been waiting 30 years or more for this chance – should not be underestimated; the evolving relations between Egypt, Gaza and Israel; how the US provoked the Hamas-Fatah civil war in Gaza after the wrong party won the 2006 Palestinian election; the media’s characterization of all Israeli violence as retaliatory, and all Palestinian violence as unprovoked; the Egyptian protesters calling for a national referendum on the Camp David Accords outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo; and the uncertain character of Mohamed ElBaradei: is he a genuine reformer or a Western stooge?

MP3 here. (42:13)

Adam Morrow writes for Inter Press Service News Agency.

2 Responses to “Adam Morrow”

  1. False flag terrorism. Who coulda anticipated. end snark.

  2. ElBaradei as Obama of Egypt. Wow. That's great information to have. Another 'idol' of mine with feet of clay.

    Here's the International Crisis Group link from his wiki.

    Would anyone go so far as to call him the Chalabi of Egypt?

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