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Anthony Gregory, Editor in Chief of Campaign for Liberty, discusses the case for anarcho-capitalism – pushing beyond “limited government” to eliminate the last vestiges of “essential” state functions like police, courts and national defense; the possible market alternatives that, while theoretical and uncertain, could only be an improvement on state-run institutions; the disastrous war on drugs that has failed to reduce crime or eliminate drug use – but has boosted and militarized the ranks of law enforcement; and Anthony’s 2006 article, “Law-Enforcement Socialism.”

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Anthony Gregory is a research analyst at the Independent Institute, Editor in Chief of Campaign for Liberty, moderator of the Beacon, policy adviser to the Future of Freedom Foundation and columnist for He guest edits Strike the Root. His writing has appeared in such places as the Christian Science Monitor San Diego Union Tribune,, the Journal of Libertarian Studies, Counterpunch, the American Conservative, Liberty Magazine, the Mises Institute blog, the Stress Blog, The Libertarian Enterprise and Liberty and Power, as well as in textbooks, journals and other outlets, and has been translated in several languages.

He wrote for Michael Badnarik’s 2004 campaign. He got his B.A. in history at UC Berkeley in 2003, where he wrote his thesis on the 1993 Waco disaster. He sings and plays in a rock band, the Melatones, and is an Eagle Scout. He gives talks frequently and is now writing an Independent Institute book on habeas corpus, detention policy and individual liberty.

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  1. The war,NOT, on drugs is significant. Max Keiser, reports that in 2007/08 that the only organization that had cash were the drug cartels and were withholding it from the banks which assets only existed in in cyberspace or on paper, not cash. The drug cartels, with some $400 billions in cash were convinced to put their cash into banks to save the criminal banking system of the world. The drug cartel industry is indispensable to the New World Order, global capitalism, and the USG spends $billions for the War on drugs? Their is a disconnect and blatant lies which are insulting, demeaning, condescending, arrogance, with hubris to the general public whom are so gullible they believe the propaganda that instill the American with mindlessness.

  2. I have to say, although I am quite interested in, and sympathetic towards, anarcho-capitalism, this particular interview was rather a dud. I felt Scott's questions were largely ignored and the answers were rambling attacks on the system we have, rather than what an anarcho-capitalist vision would look like. There have to be better folks to interview on this subject than this fellow who, although apparently sincere and passionate, is really not all that articulate.

    1. Hate to say it, but I concur with most of what Brad says. I appreciate the good work that Anthony is doing for C4L (and agree with him that the state is indeed too powerful), but there are just too many simple practical examples that I'd need to have fleshed out to take A-C seriously. If, for example, a family member is raped, do I then call my security firm to go find the perpetrator? If they find him, by what authority would they be able to take him in for questioning? By what authority would they be able to hold him/question/convict/jail him? Wouldn't you end up with a state anyway…unless, of course there was a law declaring that shall be no state…but then, who would enforce that?

      Peace be with you.

      1. I can very much appreciate questions, but your declarative "it cant work" statements show that i dont think you have spent much time looking into this.

        No point in me reinventing the wheel, so please refer to Hans-Hermann Hoppe or Stephan Molyneax for basics such as these.

        BTW- how apropo for you to bring up rape on april 15th! If we didnt have a state, how would I spend the other half of my income that is stolen from me….

    2. check out anything by Stephan Molyneux or I liked Hans-Hermann Hoppe at

      There are others but these I think, are good.

  3. Hell, maybe anarcho-capitalism's the way to go, I don't know. I do know this: The U.S. Government is broken, B-R-O-K-E-N. Time for something else. . . .

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