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Johann Hari, columnist for the London Independent, discusses his article, “We’re not being told the truth on Libya;” the weapons deals with Mideast dictators pushed by David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy and Barack Obama right up through the “Arab Spring;” the US drone attacks in Pakistan that have killed thousands of civilians, yet failed to elicit calls for a protective no-fly zone like Libya’s; the brutal war in Congo, propelled by western corporations extracting rare earth minerals, that could be stopped without dropping a single bomb; and the deal that sent convicted (rightly or not) Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi back to Libya in exchange for BP’s access to Libyan oil.

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Johann Hari is a columnist for the London Independent. He has reported from Iraq, Israel/Palestine, the Congo, the Central African Republic, Venezuela, Peru and the US, and his journalism has appeared in publications all over the world, including the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. In 2007 Amnesty International named him Newspaper Journalist of the Year. In 2008 he became the youngest person ever to win Britain’s leading award for political writing, the Orwell Prize. He is also a contributing writer for Slate.

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  1. I heard some army "suit" today on NPR… saying that one of the Pentagon's BIGGEST budget items is the Afghan police & army… After how that plan werked out in Vietnam…. known as " Vietnamization" it sure seems odd that they repeat such a colossal blunder…. OOOO, but I'm SURE they have learned how to do it right this time…. How to get the natives to carry on the invaders OCCUPATION of THEIR OWN COUNTRY for them after they go…..Yeah…Sure….. More billions down the rathole, worse, to train the people we invaded to fight…. who else but…….US…????

  2. An important fact about the Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi Lockerbie bomber release that recieves little attention is that his appeal was due, with defense submissions making a reversal of the judicially risible conviction quite likely. By releasing him on "hamanitarian grounds" the UK govt preempted his appeal and avoided an embarrassing reversal of the conviction.
    Arguablty this alone would sufficiently motivate his release, the BP oil access being a bonus.

    1. Ayn Rand was a complete nincompoop. Yeah, I know, she's a hero to many Libertarians because she attempted to intellectualize the concept of being childish and self-absorbed. She was a sick woman, as are most of her followers.

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