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James Bovard, author of Attention Deficit Democracy, discusses his article, “Uncle Sam’s big plans for your hard-earned tax dollars;” the two-party “consensus of rascals” on US foreign policy; the “best and brightest” government policymakers who are blinded by arrogance, tunnel vision and echo chambers; and the confusion about whether disastrous foreign policy decisions are made by design, incompetence, or some combination thereof.

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James Bovard is a contributor to The American Conservative magazine and policy advisor at The Future of Freedom Foundation. He is the author of Attention Deficit Democracy, The Bush Betrayal and many other books.


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  1. Trident missile engineer Bob Aldridge -www.plrc.org-wrote on the missiles to be deployed on ships in the Black Sea in Bulgaria and in Romania and Poland by 2015: "Whether they are on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike". The Russian response will be Launch On Warning by 2014 and Nuclear War may happen by mistake/accident because of the bloody fools in the Pentagon. A first-strike capability for Blackmail ? Or for what ? And they think they can avoid Nuclear Winter by the design of the warheads on Minuteman-3 (for that reason the warhead was taken from MX) and the D5 on Trident-2 when used against missile silos. Please don´t forget Robert C. Aldridge: Nuclear Empire (ch. 9 on anti-submarine warfare). The Pentagon´s drive for Nuclear Supremacy is suicidal. Bob Aldridge realized this and resigned.

  2. Of course Obama's advisors are incompetent! Look at his choices. Joe Biden for VP. Good old Joe is the 2nd stupidest man in the world, just behind ex. Sen Alan Simpson. And Hillary Clinton. Smart in a quick, clever way, but with no depth of understanding (Yes, I know she went to Yale). Worse however is the fact that she is a chronic,compulsive, psychopathic liar. Her personality is marked by a complete lack of ability to feel or experience shame. Shame is a human trait shared almost universally. Those who lack the ability to experience this basic human emotion are fatally flawed. The shameless and the self-important are the ones who become the Hitlers or the Stalins or the Maos or the George Bushes of the world.
    Obama appointed Leon Panetta, a mediocre political hack to head the CIA, and he appointed Eric Holder, a pusillanimous yes man and gofer as the Atty Gen of the U.S. I can't list all his foolish appts but I must mention the absolute stupidity of retaining Richard Ross in any capacity in the U.S. govt whatsoever. Ross is not only mediocre, but his primary loyalty is to Israel, and I believe that any knowledgeable, fair-mined person will agree with that. So much for Obama's understanding or concern for peace in the Middle East.
    Many, perhaps most, of his imp govt officials are hold-overs from G Bush or clones of them.
    To my everlasting shame, I must admit that I voted for Obama. Unfortunately, he turned out to be owned lock stock and barrel by powerful foreign interests. Hint: a tiny Middle East country of less than 6 million people with an air force stronger than that of Great Britain or France or Germany or Italy. Britain can't afford more than seven or eight (hyperbole! dear 5th grade readers) fighters, but tiny Israel has some 600 plus top line fighters. Since their budget is rather small, I guess the U.S. must have paid for them at tax payer expense.
    Finally, as for NATO running out of smart bombs, the U.S. under Henry Kissenger's guidance used every resource of the U.S. military to resupply the Isralis in 1971 when they were in some danger of military defeat in the Sinai desert. Do we no longer have surplus stocks of bombs for poor Britain and France in their stupid quest to retain some world influence?
    Hermes Trismegistus

    1. great note Fuller. I stopped the Bovard interview just to re-read the post. btw that was dennis Ross you referenced

    2. Mr. Fuller, I associate myself with every word you wrote! Yes, Hillary Clinton, Biden, Ross, and the rest of 'em are amoral, warmongering, Israel-First scumbags. This is why the U.S. Government is just another "banana republic" government.

      The foreign policy "Establishment" is an incestuous, self-selected bunch of "old school tie" smartasses. Of course, as the saying goes: "You can always tell a Harvard man–but you can't tell him much."

  3. Scott has a knack for putting interviewees at ease. Unfortunately, his show runs early in the day – if the interviews were later, after a few beers, then… Might get truly rowdy.

  4. Hillary is the personification of "the wrong side of almost every situation" and therefor any cleaning by her will necessarily be those on the right side of almost every situation, the complete antithesis of her

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