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Nick Mottern, director of Consumers for Peace, discusses his article “Lobbying Report: Drones Fly Through Congress to Enter US Skies;” the technical differences of flying drones in the clear skies of Afghanistan versus the heavily trafficked air corridors in the US; the surefire trickle-down of military technology to civilian law enforcement agencies; the impersonal experience of a remote pilot – whether he is shooting missiles at Pakistanis or playing guard dog along the Canada and Mexico borders; and why drones are not going to win any wars in Asia, even though they are cheap and easy to operate.

MP3 here. (19:33)

Nick Mottern is a reporter and director of Consumers for, who has been active in anti-war organizing and has worked for Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, Bread for the World, the former US Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs and The Providence (RI) Journal – Bulletin.

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  1. If Obama were worried about civilian casualties in Libya he himself should stop killing innocent civilians by drone strikes. Obama is a war criminal. Only problem is the Republican candidates are even more crazy.

    1. Honestly now. Who gives a rats ass about his party "affiliation". The bastards, both sides, are in the aggregate murderous sociopaths. Both sides have goose-stepped to the tune of war for ages.

      1. But to some these political machines are stupendously important, likethe difference between the Bengals and the Browns.

  2. With record numbers of Americans jobless, losing their homes and or going hungry, lets take a break from our current imperialst march and provide for our own. We don't seem to give a whit about our veterans, our children's education, safeguarding Social Security and Mediacre for retired seniors, most of whom worked for 50 or so years and paid into the system. We spend more on so-called defense than the rest of the world combined. Afghanistan, one nation that did not attack us,and is but one of three ongoing wars in which we are engaged and currently in Washington's cross-hairs, has cost the nation more than a trillion dollars, thousands in US military and Afghan civilian lives, and tarnished our image abroad perhaps irreparably. Were we to add the loss of civilian and American lives in Iraq, the numbers would stagger the imagination.
    Let's get off this trolley before we are totally bankrupt and become what we claim to hate…terrorists!

  3. I read where they want to do this, and even are testing such devices, in the UK. The typical lie from the police and government ( is there any difference? ) is that it would help with "safety" etc. etc. ad nauseum. Some people said they'd be more than happy to shoot them out of the sky. Which, of course, would be just another excuse by our overlords to vomit about more false flag operations and the "need" for said surveillance.

    Of course this is nothing new. The military has quietly "gifted" sheriff and police departments nationwide with weapons and even APC's!! With plenty of former shaved headed ex-military ready to receive the goodies Posse Comitatus be damned. It's been smothered to death with nary a peep. The police treat the civilian populace as a "threat". There are plenty of examples of this mindset out there.

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