Scott Horton Interviews Kevin Zeese

Scott Horton, April 27, 2011

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Kevin Zeese, Executive Director and co-founder of VotersForPeace, discusses the successful efforts of activists and alternative media to bring Bradley Manning international attention; the pro-Manning “hecklers” at a pricey Obama fundraising event in San Francisco; the decentralized “democratized media” ready to fill the void left by the thoroughly discredited mainstream media; and the groundbreaking WikiLeaks model of disseminating government information to the public.

MP3 here. (17:55)

Kevin ZeeseĀ  is the Executive Director and co-founder of VotersForPeace. He also served as the Executive Director of Democracy Rising, is an attorney, and a long term peace advocate. He took a leave from VotersForPeace for most of 2006 while he was running for the U.S. Senate in Maryland. Zeese was a founding member of the Montgomery County Coalition Against the War in Maryland and has worked with various non-profit organizations on peace, justice, and democracy issues since 1978.

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  1. Why doesn't Manning support group get him a decent lawyer. Coombs seem incompetent.

  2. If Manning is a "victory for us," I'd hate to see what Zeese regards as a defeat.

  3. Heh, Andy "the rat" Lamo. has a certain ring to it.

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